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Toxins in the Air

UK air quality strategy

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Toxic air pollutants

Common air pollutants

US study links more than 200 diseases to pollution - 14th November 2004

How dead zones affect fish reproduction - 13th November 2004

Fear of river pollution prompts seminar on mobile sheep-dipping - 10th November 2004

Male fish producing eggs in Potomac River - 1st November 2004

Mercury facts - 30th October 2004

Wind farm environmental impact limited to construction period - 8th November 2004

Hong Kong dolphins lose the urge thanks to noise, pollution - 1st November 2004

Unregulated Nevada mines spew mercury - 30th October 2004

Greenhouse gases "threaten Australian way of life" - 5th July 2004

Government urged to act over aircraft pollution - 4th July 2004

Danger alert from fillings - mercury from crematoria smoke enters food chain - 1st July 2004

Will Caspian Sea become another Aral? - 28th June 2004

Air pollution from ocean vessels to continue - 24th June 2004

Oxygen starved oceanic dead zones creating marinelife crisis - 3rd June 2004

Pollution and land activities threaten our seas - 30th May 2004

Waste management needed to curb pollution in bay - 25th May 2004

Indian River Lagoon pollution could trigger human health problems - 24th May 2004

Marine Corps air station may endanger Okinawa dugong population - 23rd May 2004

Oil project is death knell for whales - 17th April 2004

Stricter regulations aim to protect marine ecosystems - 12th April 2004

EPA administrator can override industry set mercury abatement rules - 12th April 2004

Fish oil supplements may contain flame retardants - 17th March 2004

Animals’ Sexual Changes Linked to Waste, Chemicals - 1st March 2004

Bush Plan to Cut Mercury Emissions “Dangerously Inadequate” - 26th February 2004

Bush plan on mercury pollution called sell-out - 4th December 2003

Norway urged to reject oil plans - 22nd November 2003

Oil drilling gives cancer risk to North Sea fish, Norwegian study suggests - 20th November 2003

Commissioner Wallstrom's blood test is evidence of persistent chemicals - 6th November 2003

Agencies stand by as toxic US ghost fleet nears - 6th November 2003

UN donates 19m to clean up Russia's polluted Arctic shores - 23rd October 2003

Single-hull oil tankers banned from European ports - 21st October 2003

"Deep Trouble" -The Gulf in Peril - Naples Daily News 15 part series

includes video sequences posted 28th September to 12th October 2003

Environment Agency - NO to UK wet dock breaking of US ghost ships– 9th October 2003

Council tries to sink UK scrapping of the US “ghost fleet” - 8th October 2003

EU scientists legalize controversial herbicide - 6th October 2003

Environment Agency faces legal challenge over ghost fleet - 6th October 2003

New chemicals in Arctic’s toxic stew - 1st October 2003

EU softens chemicals bill, alarms green groups - 26th September 2003

Alarm over acidifying oceans - 25th September 2003

Ocean plant life slows down and absorbs less carbon - 17th September 2003

Risk of toxic leaks by US ghost fleet due for UK disposal – 12th September 2003

Toxic 'ghost fleet' to cross English Channel - 5th September 2003

Coral reefs “will die in decades” unless protected - 15th August 2003

Greens furious at 'toxic fleet' plan - 29th July 2003

Mercury Rising - EIA report mercury content of cetacean meat - pdf 379KB - 12th June 2003

European Parliament backs tough marine sulphur and electrical energy mix disclosure rules - 6th June 2003

EU parliament votes for less sulphur in ship fuel - 6th June 2003

American anglers warned to watch out for mercury - 5th June 2003

A Sea Change for U.S. Oceans Policy? - 4th June 2003

Coastal Waters: A Pattern of Distress - posted 4th June 2003

G8 leaders pledge marine protection and clean water - 3rd June 2003

High mercury levels found in rain - 29th May 2003

Ban -Hg - Wg demands Unilever halt toxic trade in mercury from India - 29th May 2003

Man-made chemicals are causing serious problems for wild animals - 29th May 2003

US Navy admits burning 600 000 gallons of radioactive fuel at S.F. Shipyard - 21st May 2003

Stop shipbreaking in Guinea Bissau - Send a message to Unesco now - posted 9th May 2003

Internet consult opens on new European chemicals law - 7th May 2003

The EU Chemical Strategy - working towards a sustainable approach - 7th May 2003

Germany launches world's first ship ecolabel - 26th November 2002