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Climate change

BBC News Online - In Depth: Climate change

Climate Change Projects Office

Weather blamed for whale beachings - 1st December 2004

Meltdown Arctic wildlife is on the brink of catastrophe - 11th November 2004

Wind farm environmental impact limited to construction period - 8th November 2004

Disaster at sea: global warming hits UK birds - 30th July 2004

Greenhouse gases "threaten Australian way of life" - 5th July 2004

Government urged to act over aircraft pollution - 4th July 2004

Will Caspian Sea become another Aral? - 28th June 2004

Reef crisis as coral cover shrinks by half in 40 years - 25th June 2004

Signs of a cleaner River Thames or is it global warming? - 16th June 2004

Changing climate - Britain offer a warm welcome to new varieties of wildlife - 8th June 2004

Lakshadweep's coral reefs struggle for existence - 8th March 2004

Climate findings let fishermen off the hook - 4th March 2004

Alarm over acidifying oceans - 25th September 2003

Temperature rise destroys Indian Ocean surface coral - 18th September 2003

Ocean plant life slows down and absorbs less carbon - 17th September 2003

Coral reefs “will die in decades” unless protected - 15th August 2003

European Parliament backs tough marine sulphur and electrical energy mix disclosure rules - 6th June 2003

EU parliament votes for less sulphur in ship fuel - 6th June 2003

A Sea Change for U.S. Oceans Policy? - 4th June 2003

Coastal Waters: A Pattern of Distress - posted 4th June 2003

G8 leaders pledge marine protection and clean water - 3rd June 2003

High mercury levels found in rain - 29th may 2003

Man-made chemicals are causing serious problems for wild animals - 29th May 2003

New mangrove forests threaten coral reefs - 30th April 2003

Climatologists give waterworld warning for Earth - 23rd April 2003

Coral bleaching caused by malaria of the oceans - 11th April 2003

Climatic Research Unit (at University of East Anglia)

Earth Observation Science group (University of Leicester)

Energy Saving Trust

Friends of the Earth

Greenpeace global warming campaign

Hadley Centre for climate prediction and research (part of the Met Office)

Indicators of climate change in the UK

Indicators of climate change in UK marine and freshwaters