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Military Dolphins

Animals go to War - Extract from "The Rose-Tinted Menagerie"

US Navy - Marine Mammal Program

Dolphins in the military:'s position

Annotated Bibliography of Publications from the U.S. Navy's Marine Mammal Program

Guerre Iraq - USA 2003 / Military dolphins in Iraq

Marine mammals are at risk from human influences - 24th May 2004

Dolphins, US Navy “click” in fighting terrorism - 1st March 2004

Defenders of the deep - 14th April 2003

Panhandle Navy research may let mine hunting dolphins retire - 4th April 2003

Takoma the dolphin goes AWOL - 29th March 2003

Dolphins have no peer when it comes to finding mines - 28th March 2003

Trained dolphins assist in mine location - 27th March 2003

Trained animals helping Navy clear vital port of Umm Qasr - 27th March 2003

Dolphins clear mines the natural way - 27th March 2003

Dolphins did not volunteer for war animal rights activists say - 27th March 2003

Dolphins used to clear Iraq's only port for humanitarian shipments - 26th March 2003

US Military dolphin photograph - 26th March 2003

Conflict in Iraq - Dolphins join the coalition - 25th March 2003

U.S. enlists dolphins to aid war effort - 25th March 2003

Careers bloom anew for former Soviet navy dolphins - 4th July 2002

Purpose Of Iranís dolphin purchase unclear - 15th March 2000

Let slip the sea lions of war - 11th March 2003

Iranians buy Soviet 'killer' dolphins - the Green party of Iran - 10th March 2000

Iran buys Kamikzaze dolphins - 8th March 2000

Marineland quietly imports three whales from a Russian military facility- 1st June 1999

Body of dolphin washed ashore on Baltic Sea coast - August 1998

Dolphin Traders - N. Entrup & D. Carlidge - WDCS May 1998 - 120KB pdf

Navy dolphin locates sunken boat in San Diego harbour - 22nd August 1997

The Dolphins of War - Dive International Publishing

Animals in the Service of the Military produced 24th November 1991