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Dolphins in mass stranding in WA’s south west

Department of Conservation and Land Management
News Release

3rd March 2006

Around 40 dolphins are believed to have perished after beaching along a 30 kilometre stretch of remote coastline between Black Point and the mouth of the Warren River in D’Entrecasteaux National Park, southwest of Pemberton.

Department of Conservation and Land Management (CALM) officers have arrived at the site and are investigating.

Donnelly District Manager, John Gillard, said a CALM officer responded to a report of stranded dolphins at Black Point this morning.

A CALM spotter aircraft was used to check beaches between Black Point and Windy Harbour for other stranded dolphins.

“The pilot spotted 40 animals along the coastline which he believed, from their size, were dolphins,” Mr Gillard said.

“The pilot said none of the dolphins appeared to be moving and looked dead.”

Mr Gillard said the CALM officers would take samples from the dolphins for laboratory testing.

“The animals that are accessible will be buried on site, but unfortunately some of them will have to stay where they are.”

“We don’t know what caused the stranding at this stage. Hopefully we can discover something in the laboratory.”

Media Contact: CALM Media Relations 9389 8644 or 0408 926 026.