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April 2004

Sakhalin sea shelf pipeline construction delayed to avert environmental threat - 30th April 2004

Beachgoers blamed for 29% increase in UK beach litter - 30th April 2004

Two more dead dolphins found on Florida panhandle beaches - 29th April 2004

Have a flutter and help save the albatross - 27th April 2004

Albatross punters can have a flutter - 27th April 2004

Greasy solution to albatross problem? - 26th April 2004

EU loophole ‘scandal’ risks dolphins’ lives - 25th April 2004

Immediate measures needed to save oceans - 21st April 2004

Government fails to act over rapidly disappearing salmon stocks - 21st April 2004

Cod retreat from UK as warmer waters lure tuna and sharks - 20th April 2004

Ocean blueprint expected to stir up a storm - 19th April 2004

Boaters prepared for death, protected from shark attack by dolphins - 19th April 2004

Government cuts funding for environmental issues - 19th April 2004

Proposed explosive shock trials make waves - 19th April 2004

Fury over call to cull Scotland's seals - 19th April 2004

Mystery swirls around dolphin deaths, 105 wash ashore during March - 18th April 2004

Dolphin advocates seek moratorium on waste releases - 17th April 2004

Oil project is death knell for whales - 17th April 2004

Scientists suspect algal bloom may be cause of sea otter deaths in Morro Bay - 15th April 2004

Sick sea otters washing ashore, domoic acid likely culprit - 15th April 2004

Potential red tide cure may be worse than problem - 15th April 2004

Preventing the collapse of ocean ecosystems by exploitative activities - 14th April 2004

The bloody harvest as biggest seal cull for 50 years begins in Canada - 14th April 2004

Fighting the raw sewage pollution of Wethersfield Cove, Connecticut - 14th April 2004

Peace River could be environmental potential time bomb - 14th April 2004

Minister to probe bass fishery veto - 13th April 2004

Blair “adrift” on environment warns leading green adviser - 13th April 2004

Fishermen face activists’ fury over biggest seal cull in two decades - 13th April 2004

Commission proposes quotas for jointly managed white-fish stocks - 12th April 2004

Scripps researchers identify neurotoxin in San Diego seawater – 12th April 2004

Florida Panhandle dolphin die-off appears over, investigation continues - 12th April 2004

Stricter regulations aim to protect marine ecosystems - 12th April 2004

EPA administrator can override industry set mercury abatement rules - 12th April 2004

Trinidad & Tobago and the International Whaling Commission (2nd article) - 12th April 2004

Trinidad & Tobago and the International Whaling Commission (1st article) - 11th April 2004

SeaWorld pollution allegations surface after two years - 11th April 2004

Call for action over discarded fish - 11th April 2004

A risk hidden in fish, mercury contamination - 10th April 2004

Tangled up in blue, fishing lines imperil northern right whale populations - 9th April 2004

Two orcas sighted off Lanai, one later stranded and died – 9th April 2004

Court decision allows more sea lion killing - 8th April 2004

Seal clubbers out in force as demand for fur booms - 7th April 2004

New blow in bid to save the dolphins - 6th April 2004

Royal Balmoral Estate fish found to contain high levels of chemicals - 6th April 2004

Ocean plan could reduce fishing fleet - 5th April 2004

Trolling for a market niche, smaller tuna has environmental and health benefits - 4th April 2004

Cautious welcome to new haddock quota proposals - 4th April 2004

UK finally signs up to save albatross from deadly fishing lines - 4th April 2004

Alarm sounded on narwhal decline - 2nd April 2004

Sea turtles get fishing relief - 1st April 2004

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