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August 2003

Scientists highlight fish 'intelligence' - 31st August 2003

Death of captive dolphins sparks animal rights movement - 31st August 2003

Anchovies abandon Bay of Biscay for warm British waters - 30th August 2003

US Navy's mid-frequency sonar could harm divers - 30th August 2003

Trawlers threaten ocean’s biodiversity - 30th August 2003

Pakistan fears major spill as grounded tanker leaks - 30th August 2003

Extreme tides strand dozens of belugas in Turnagain Arm - Alaska - 29th August 2003

Nordics, Baltics seek control Russia tanker traffic - 29th August 2003

Toothfish saga highlights plight of world fisheries - 27th August 2003

Federal Court restricts global deployment of Navy sonar - 26th August 2003

Coastline closed to seafood gathering due to PSP toxin- 25th August 2003

Cod logic - scientific fish stock control or economic suicide? - 22nd August 2003

Skippers hitting catch data collection - 22nd August 2003

Mexico halts importing of Solomons’ dolphins - 22nd August 2003

Fleet in crisis as fish quotas dry up - 21st August 2003

Fishing ban aims to save Scottish reef - 21st August 2003

RSPCA urge boycott of Icelandic fish after whale kill - 21st August 2003

Dead whale samples reveal little information - 21st August 2003

Captivity an option for orca “Luna” says Canada’s Dept of Fisheries & Oceans - 21st August 2003

White wonder, Migaloo, appears none the worse for collision - 21st August 2003

Icelandic whalers give media the slip - 21st August 2003

Dozens of dead dolphins wash up on Mexico coast - 20th August 2003

Dolphin meat eaters in France? - 20th August 2003

Search finds white whale - 20th August 2003

Mauritanian bycatch causes mass deaths of dolphins and turtles - posted 20th August 2003

Mauritanian beaches full of dead dolphins - posted 20th August 2003

Iceland hunters kill first whale for 14 years - 19th August 2003

Whale of a fine so watch out if you get too close!- 19th August 2003

White humpback whale hit by yacht - 19th August 2003

How foul is that fish? - 18th August 2003

Iceland kills first whale stirring international outrage - 18th August 2003

Scottish fishermens’ cruel gannet hunt - 18th August 2003

War over dolphins - 17th August 2003

New Zealand Ministry of Fisheries plans to allow more sea lion killing - 17th August 2003

Iceland's whale fleet sails into storm of protest - 16th August 2003

Coral reefs doomed, overfishing is killing ecosystems - 16th August 2003

Bad weather conditions have prevented Icelandic whaling resumption - 16th August 2003

Protest over Iceland's whaling plans - 15th August 2003

Coral reefs “will die in decades” unless protected - 15th August 2003

Albatross left for dead - 14th August 2003

Pygmy sperm whale calf washes ashore at Melbourne Beach - Florida - 14th August 2003

Humane Society of the U.S. pushes for import sanctions against Iceland - 14th August 2003

Open letter from signatory conservation and animal welfare organisations opposing Solomon Islands dolphin capture and exports – 13th August 2003

UNEP / WCMC Marine Mammal Atlas – 13th August 2003

Australia acts to combat effects of marine debris on wildlife – 13th August 2003

Blair’s Strategy Unit brands fishing insignificant - 11th August 2003

Sonar tests linked to porpoise deaths - 11th August 2003

Protest group sends another smoked salmon labelling complaint to EC - 11th August 2003

Whaling & eco-sensitive issues, advice from Commissioner Fischler to Iceland - 11th August 2003

Fischler objects to Iceland resumption of whaling - 11th August 2003

Supermarket sales of illegally labelled smoked salmon exposed - 11th August 2003

Common dolphin stranding Almeria Spain - 10th August 2003

Search for whale is abandoned - 9th August 2003

Hopes to resume search for entangled whale - 9th August 2003

Fishing is irrelevant says leaked report - 8th August 2003

Fishing boat caught in Dounreay exclusion zone - 7th August 2003

Failed fishing policies prompt more illegal catches - 7th August 2003

Scientists call for “national parks” of the oceans - 7th August 2003

South African seafood leads to conspiracy charges for five - 7th August 2003

Iceland to resume whaling - 6th August 2003

launches consultation on extending Habitats and Birds Directive - 6th August 2003

Contaminated salmon on sale to public - 5th August 2003

Dangerous whale site warning - 5th August 2003

Whale still caught in net - 5th August 2003

Fresh bid to free trapped whale - 5th August 2003

Scientists probe death of whales - 5th August 2003

Toxic algae suspected cause of humback deaths - 4th August 2003

Researchers in Melbourne net dolphins for health probe - 3rd August 2003

Tucson conservation group attempts to save whale - 3rd August 2003

UN to compile online global atlas of sea mammals - 3rd August 2003

Escape of a million farmed fish threatens wild salmon - 3rd August

Illegal driftnetting off the Island of Ischia - (posted) 2nd August 2003

Gulf of Maine whale deaths raising fears of toxic algae - 2nd August 2003

Rescuers battle to free dolphins - 1st August 2003

Test results expected next week may show what killed whales east of Cape Cod - 1st August 2003

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