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March 2004

Hope for albatross' survival - 31st March 2004

Australia marks 25 years of anti-whaling - 30th March 2004

UN agency warns oxygen-starved ‘dead zones’ in seas threaten marine stock - 29th March 2004

Risk of trawler causing environmental pollution heightens - 29th March 2004

Japanese whaling fleet returns after killing 440 minke whales - 29th March 2004

Monterey Bay Aquarium research reveals threats facing sharks - 29th March 2004

Red tide may have killed 97 dolphins - 28th March 2004

Orissa beaches turn graveyards for turtles - 27th March 2004

Fishermen furious at No 10 plan to tie up half of Britain's trawlers - 26th March 2004

Fishermen reject plan to slash fleet - 25th March 2004

“Dismay” at proposed fishing reforms - 25th March 2004

Fishing profitable & sustainable in the long term - PM’s Strategy Unit reports - 25th March 2004

Anger at rules to save dolphins - 24th March 2004

EU decides to better protect dolphins - 23rd March 2004

Volunteers fail to save 15-ton sperm whale beached on sandbank - 23rd March 2004

Beached sperm whale dies on sand bank - 22nd March 2004

Scottish fishing fleet faces more rough seas ahead - 22nd March 2004

"Marine Environment" House of Commons - EFRA Committee - Sixth Report of Session 2003-2004 - Published 21st March 2004 (pdf - 427KB)

Report to call for more fish cuts - 21st March 2004

Volunteers postpone rescue efforts - 21st March 2004

Government says women children should eat less fish - 20th March 2004

60 bottlenose dolphins dead in Florida Panhandle - 19th March 2004

Pollution shuts down shellfish industry - 19th March 2004

Industrial fishing turns birds to cannibalism - 18th March 2004

Fish oil supplements may contain flame retardants - 17th March 2004

Urgent appeal to get seabirds off pirate hooks – 13th March 2004

Dolphin deaths in Panhandle bay increase to more than 20- 12th March 2004

Female dolphin undergoes surgery - 11th March 2004

Scheme to track rare dolphins hits troubled waters - 11th March 2004

‘Troubled Waters’, a new report, global anti-whaling campaign launched - 9th March 2004

Global anti-whaling campaign launched - 9th March 2004

Lakshadweep's coral reefs struggle for existence - 8th March 2004

Third-graders raising salmon in Becket - 8th March 2004

Human waste from septic tanks is fouling the Peel rivers, Western Australia - 7th March 2004

Researcher reveals fate of five released pilot whales - 7th March 2004

Protecting the seas - PSCMU may impose minimum tanker standards - 7th March 2004

Fisheries protection roll for Orion (upgrade likely to fly despite PM objection) - 7th March 2004

Massive fish death in Sebou river (Morocco) due to lack of oxygen - 6th March 2004

Dolphins used for shark bait - 6th March 2004

Stray dolphins to be rescued from Tamshui river today - 5th March 2004

Climate findings let fishermen off the hook - 4th March 2004

Tesco-owned store sells whale meat in Japan - 3rd March 2004

Satellite tags to save dolphins - 2nd March 2004

Fiji could hand French navy policing powers - 2nd March 2004

Dolphins, US Navy “click” in fighting terrorism - 1st March 2004

Washington State recommends endangered status for Puget Sound orcas - 1st March 2004

Animals’ Sexual Changes Linked to Waste, Chemicals - 1st March 2004

Fishing chiefs slate letter on stocks - 1st March 2004

Scientists turn to fishermen for in-depth knowledge of the North Sea - 1st March 2004

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