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May 2004

Storm beaches fin whale - 31st May 2004

Restaurants & hotels ban sea bass caught by pair trawlers - 31st May 2004

Greenpeace casts net over bottom trawl fishing industry - 31st May 2004

Alaskan orca acoustics study initiated - 30th May 2004

Pollution and land activities threaten our seas - 30th May 2004

Endangered green turtles find safe harbour in Panhandle Bay - 29th May 2004

Fishermen protest against off-shore wind farm plan - 28th May 2004

Explanation sought for beluga population puzzle - 28th May 2004

Beluga whales not recovering as expected - 28th May 2004

Bycatch excluder devices producing a cleaner shrimp fishery - 28th May 2004

Whale protection considered - 27th May 2004

Dolphin rescued off Zambales Beach dies - 27th May 2004

Two patrol boats from Spain boost Philippine drive against illegal fishing - 27th May 2004

Australia drafts protection plan - with teeth - 26th May 2004

Dozens of stranded whales dragged back to sea in Indonesia - 26th May 2004

Environmentalists ask Judge to review new New England fishing restrictions - 26th May 2004

New Zealand State Services Commission Scampi Inquiry - 26th May 2004

The dolphin lagoon at the West Edmonton Mall is finally empty - 25th May 2004

Sea turtles worth more alive than dead - 25th May 2004

The shocking environmental cost of the West's love of shrimps - 25th May 2004

Waste management needed to curb pollution in bay - 25th May 2004

Administration considers speed & routing limits to save whales - 25th May 2004

WWF issues warning on cod stocks - 25th May 2004

Indian River Lagoon pollution could trigger human health problems - 24th May 2004

Marine mammals are at risk from human influences - 24th May 2004

Shark net danger to whale migration - 24th May 2004

Near record sea turtle deaths found - 24th May 2004

Quota decisions a boost for New Zealand fishing industry - 24th May 2004

Unsustainable hoki should lose Marine Stewardship Council accreditation - 23rd May 2004

Marine Corps air station may endanger Okinawa dugong population - 23rd May 2004

Portugal denies DFO team access to second fishing boat - 22nd May 2004

California sea otter deaths were associated with brain parasite - 20th May 2004

Ending the race for the last turtle - 20th May 2004

Sea anglers to be heard at last - 20th May 2004

EJF exposes shrimp farms harm poor nations - 19th May 2004

State fisheries program joins fisherman - 19th May 2004

Pollution kills native crayfish - 18th May 2004

Canadians denied access to Portuguese trawler accused of illegal fishing - 18th May 2004

Danish trawler scoops up German sub in its nets - 11th May 2004

Norway's whale-hunting season opens in Barents Sea - 10th May 2004

Whale flippers may improve airplane wing design - 10th May 2004

Net seized from European fishing vessel had protected species - 8th May 2004

New insight on rare Hector’s dolphins - 7th May 2004

Plastic particles surf polluted waves - 7th May 2004

Canada boards vessels accused of illegal fishing - 6th May 2004

Friendly fishing still kills dolphins - 4th May 2004

Skippers told to give whales space - 3rd May 2004

Blue whiting fishery negotiations deadlocked - 3rd May 2004

Teachers get a lesson in marine pollution - 1st May 2004

Porpoises to be taped underwater - 1st May 2004

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