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Tangle Nets

Tangle nets ~ (Courtesy of the Scottish Executive)

Authorities monitor effects of tangle nets

Fishing capture gears and methods (UN Ocean Atlas World Fish fish capture technology)

Fishing methods (Marine Conservation Society Fishonline Website)

Fishing Gear types - (FIGIS - Fisheries Global Information System)

Scientist warns of threat to last stronghold of endangered turtle -  8th March 2006

Public outraged at assault on sea turtle protections - 3rd March 2006

Marine ecologists to help rebuild decreasing fish stocks - 16th February 2006

Have your say on the future of seafish – 10th February 2006

Detective work needed on which nets kill dolphins - 23rd January 2006

Legal action against UK over insufficient cetacean protection - 20th December 2005

Prevention of Cetacean Bycatch WWF Runner Up Award - 21st April 2005

Winners of international competition to reduce marine bycatch announced - 21st April 2005

Anger at rules to save dolphins - 24th March 2004

EU decides to better protect dolphins - 23rd March 2004

Set net ban looms in Kaikoura after mutilated dolphin found - 8th January 2004

North Sea fish have shrunk - 25th September 2003

JNCC recommends “Set aside fifth of Irish Sea for nature”- 14th September 2003

Dolphin meat eaters in France? - 20th August 2003

Fishermen turn violent as quotas force wage cuts - 16th August 2003

Australia acts to combat effects of marine debris on wildlife – 13th August 2003

Nearly 1,000 whales drowning daily in fishing nets: study - 15th June 2003