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EU distant water fleets

Directorate General Fisheries Report  - European Distant Water Fleets - pdf (6.8Mb)

Finding no fish, Ghanaians turn to bushmeat - 15th November 2004

EU fishing fleets may have caused increase in bushmeat trade - 11th November 2004

Drama at sea as illegal fishing vessel arrested - 28th June 2004  

Spain pledges support in illegal fishing probe- 25th June 2004

Dozens of dolphins found dead in Mauritania - 11th June 2004

Portugal denies DFO team access to second fishing boat - 22nd May 2004

Canadians denied access to Portuguese trawler accused of illegal fishing - 18th May 2004

Net seized from European fishing vessel had protected species - 8th May 2004

Canada boards vessels accused of illegal fishing - 6th May 2004

EU is failing to halt over fishing in Africa, says WWF - 23rd October 2003

Mauritanian beaches full of dead dolphins - 1st July 2003

Bycatch causes mass deaths of dolphins and turtles - 20th June 2003

EU fishing 'drives bushmeat trade' - 29th May 2003

US warns EU tuna fishing could hit trade relations - 2nd May 2003

New strategy targets Tanzania’s coastal problems - 25th April 2003

Illegal fishing by EU boats  - 17th March 2003

Tragedies rekindle surveillance debate - 23rd January 2003

Spanish Pelagic opens Spain's largest port coldstore 26th November 2002

U.S. petitioned to act against illegal EU fishing 15th October 2002

Conservationists slam EU fishing policy in Africa  - 9th October 2002

Africa's lost fish - 28th August 2002

Foreign vessels not to be allowed back in the Eez - 15th July 2002

European trawlers rule Africa's seas  1st April 2002

UN says poor countries hit by subsidised fishing - 18th March 2002

Puzzle over the registration status of the vessel  “Atlantic Dawn”  September 2001

Dolphins and tuna that do not get away

The battle for West Africa's fish - 1st August 2001

World crisis in fish stocks a matter of life and death - 14th August 2000

The Cod Rush - Canadian Museum of Civilization Corporation - 3rd August 2001