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EPA administrator can override industry set mercury abatement rules - 12th April 2004

Ocean plan could reduce fishing fleet  - 5th April 2004

Sea turtles get fishing relief - 1st April 2004

Australia marks 25 years of anti-whaling - 30th March 2004  

EU decides to better protect dolphins - 23rd March 2004

Washington State recommends endangered status for Puget Sound orcas - 1st March 2004

Lab under fire after latest dolphin death - 27th February 2004

Decision on Puget Sound orcas protection moves closer  - 31st January 2004

Rumsfeld, congressional allies on verge of rolling back MMPA - 8th November 2003

House panel joins fight over whales, sonar - 6th November 2003

New South Wales to provide special protection for albino humpback - 14th September 2003

Federal Court restricts global deployment of Navy sonar - 26th August 2003

Humane Society of the U.S. pushes for import sanctions against Iceland - 14th August 2003

Australia acts to combat effects of marine debris on wildlife – 13th August 2003

Italian Parliament approves Cetacean Protection Bill - 25th July 2003

“Pingers” to protect porpoises and dolphins in Baltic - 25th July 2003

Plan for UK marine nature reserves - 22nd June 2003

UK announces harsher penalties for Wildlife Trade Offences - 18th June 2003

Plan to lock up 30 per cent of Barrier Reef - 2nd June 2003

Activists sue U.S. over orcas' status - 29th May 2003

Conservationists want Inner Hebrides as UK’s first marine national park- 27th May 2003

Legal challenge aims to protect Puget Sound killer whales - 27th May 2003