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December 2002

The California Gray Whales need immediate help - December 2002

RSPCA urges action over dead dolphins - 31st December 2002

Killer whale (Orca) tourists flock to peaceful fjord - 30th December 2002

Beached whale one of world's rarest - 26th Decenber 2002

Ireland fights to keep out Spanish fishing boats - 24th December 2002

Blair to offer aid after EU fishing quota cuts - 23rd December 2002

Protesting may be good for your health- 23rd December 2002

Fishermen seek 100m pay-out - 23rd December 2002

EU fishing deal angers both fishermen and environmentalists - 21st December 2002

Endangered whales win right of way 20th December 2002

Agreement on a fisheries reform has been reached - 20th December 2002

End in sight for single hulled oil tankers - 20th December 2002

Commission back on the law enforcement trail - 19th December 2002

Fish stocks hit record lows 18th December 2002

Fishermen threaten revolt over EU cutbacks 18th December 2002

Beyond the limits of sustainable growth - Earth on the market - December 2002

Japan starts sales of whale meat caught in research studied 17th December 2002

MSC Hoki appeal shows fishery should never have been certified 16th December 2002

Report finds changes in the reproductive health of some marine mammals in the UK 17th December 2002

Three months to save fishing fleet 17th December 2002

Fishermen's fate in balance 17th December

EU debates drastic fishing cuts 16th December 2002

Cod appears on summit menu 13th December 2002

Sustainable Seafood Found to Be Cost Effective 12th December 2002

Cod fishermen are told their best hope for future is to stop fishing cod 12th December 2002

Commissioner Fischler says agree on reforms, or no more subsidies 12th December 2002

Commission proposes significant reductions in fishing catches DN: IP/02/1843 ~ 11th December 2002

Heathrow tops Britain's illegal wildlife trade - 10th December 2002

Global warming brings new cash crop for fishermen - 10th December 2002

Ships in dock for huge whitefish haul - 10th December 2002

U.S. Agency finds tuna still deadly to dolphins 6th December 2002

Taiji - (Japan) dolphin slaughter continues unabated ~ TAKE ACTION NOW

Serious breaches of CFP ‘highlight need for reform’ 6th December 2002

Slaughter by Japanese Antarctic whaling fleet continues despite IWC’s repeated requests

Earth Island Institute releases secret US Government report as dolphin slaughter in nets continues

EU Commission report highlights serious infringements of CFP - 5th December 2002

Oil slick affects hundreds of birds 5th December 2002

3,000 dolphins killed yearly by fishing in eastern tropical Pacific - 4th December 2002

EU's flower ecolabel celebrates ten years - 3rd December 2002

Europe names its 'fleet of shame' - 3rd December 2002

Dead Dolphin Covered With Fuel Oil is Taken Away by Environment Workers - 3rd December 2002

Commission asks France, Spain and Italy to respond to queries on environmental complaints - 3rd December 2002

EU's flower ecolabel celebrates ten years - 3rd December 2002

EU environmental crime plan nears approval - 2nd December 2002

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