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Faroese plant to be in full operation within autumn season

23rd.May 2002

Pan Fish News

The Faeroes' first factory producing pelagic fish
for human consumption will reach full production
during this summer. Its name is Kollafjord Pelagic
Ltd. and, in terms of quantity, its main product will
be blue whiting. The fish is vacuum-packed and
frozen in horizontal platefreezers and packed in
20 kgs cardboard boxes.

General manager Janus Nordberg at
Kollafjord Pelagic with blue whiting.

"The blue whiting stays within the Faeroes´ catching grounds a considerable time during its migration. We have based our investments on the excellent location as the catching grounds for blue whiting, herring, capelin and mackerel are within a fair distance," says Mr Janus Nordberg, General Manager of Kollafjord Pelagic Ltd.

The idea of building this plant was launched by Faroese interests. The company was established in 2001, and in the spring of 2002, Global Fish AS invested in the plant in order to become the sole sales agent for its products in Europe (east and west) and the Far East.

The plant is situated in Kollafjørdur just north of Torshavn, the capital of the Faeroes. The construction of Kollafjord Pelagic Ltd. started in the summer of 2001 and was completed in the spring of 2002. At full operation it will have a freezing capacity of approx. 1.000 mt per day. This is most likely the largest capacity in the world for a pelagic plant freezing only for human consumption.

The plant covers an area of 5.500 square metres and is divided into four sections; 1) Landing and grading, 2) packing, 3) freezing and 4) palletizing.
The landing area is equipped with eight refrigerated seawater tanks each
holding 100 mt of fish. Landing capacity is about 120 mt per hour. This high
speed capacity is basically done in order to shorten the landing time for the catching vessels.

Quality of the products have been the main key throughout the planning of
the factory. The brand of the products will be K-fish. The company has a close
relation to Kloosterboer regarding cold storaging and logistics. The Dutch
company has recently built a cold storage and terminal in Kollafjørdur, named
Kloosterboer Terminal Faeroe Islands.

"The Faeroe Islands vessels will of course be our main suppliers of fish, but we also believe that vessels from our neighbouring countries will deliver some of their catches here," says Mr Janus Nordberg.

In full operation Kollafjord Pelagic will have a workforce of approx. 50
persons. The company intends to concentrate on vacuum packing and plate
freezing, but the possibility of expanding production to include blast freezing
is considered. There are no filleting facilities at the plant.

Please note that “mt” is used in place of “metric tonne” throughout this article}