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International Day of Protest against Japanese dolphin slaughter

Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

Tuesday, November 4, 2003 - Noon (12pm) your local time

At the Japanese Embassy or Consulate in your city.

On October 6th, crewmembers of Sea Shepherd's Taiji Dolphin Campaign
filmed and photographed fishermen on a
"dolphin roundup" in the village of Taiji, Japan.
Sea Shepherd crew were attacked, intimidated
and their lives threatened.

The world was stunned by the imagery when
our story hit international front pages.

Now you must do your part and send a message
to the Japanese Government to
STOP these "dolphin roundups"!

Join Sea Shepherd and others outraged by this brutal dolphin kill.
In cities around the world, protests will be held on November 4th at noon (12pm)

Here's what you can do.

If you are unable to join a protest in your city . . ...
You can fax or email a letter (see #4 below) to the Prime Minister of Japan on November 4th.
If you can join a protest in your city . . .
1. Locate the nearest Japanese Embassy or Consulate near you.
To find a Japanese Embassy or Consulate near you, click here:

2. Contact an organizer close to you and find out how you can help. If there is no one organizing near you, and there is a Japanese Embassy or Consulate in your city, then you can organize your own group by emailing your name to letting us know you want to be on the link below.
To contact an organizer close to you, click here:
organizers_list.doc (MS Word file)

organizers_list.pdf (Acrobat PDF)

3. If you are an organizer, download and distribute our flyer. Tell your protesters to come with their own special "placard" wearing Sea Shepherd t-shirts, if they have one, and be ready to let the Japanese Embassy hear your outrage. "Japan Stop Killing Dolphins!!” "Boycott Japanese Products and Tourism"
To download flyer for distribution, click here:
flyer.doc (MS Word file)

flyer.pdf (Acrobat PDF)

4. DOWNLOAD LETTER TO Prime Minister of Japan, Mr. Junichiro Koizumi, to present to Japanese Embassy staff.
To download letter, click here:
letter_to_prime_minister.doc (MS Word file)

letter_to_prime_minister.pdf (Acrobat PDF)

Spread the Word. Contact other groups.
Contact your local media.
Thank you!

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