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Sainsburys caught hoodwinking customers

13th June 2003

The Salmon Farm Protest Group Limited

An rud a bhios na do bhròin, cha bhi e na do thimhnadh
That which you have wasted will no be there for future generations

A week after The Salmon Farm Protest Group exposed the Queen’s grocer Waitrose as a law-breaker, we have now discovered that Sainsbury’s is also blatantly flouting new labelling laws that require supermarkets to identify on product packaging whether or not the salmon they sell is wild or farmed.

Nationwide, Sainsbury’s is selling John West ‘Mild Oak Smoked Salmon’ without saying whether it is wild or farmed, in breach of regulations that came into force on 28th March. Group supporters have discovered the product on sale in Sainsbury branches in Edinburgh, Lancaster, Liverpool, Swindon, Upton (Wirral), London, Selly Oak (Birmingham) and South Harrow.

Bruce Sandison, The Salmon Farm Protest Group chairman said: “Since January 2002 European Law has compelled supermarkets to clearly state on product packaging whether or not the salmon they sell is wild or farmed. A Statutory Instrument (28th March 2003) promulgated this law in Scotland, England and Wales. It is deeply regrettable that some supermarkets continue to ignore this law and fail to disclose proper information to their customers.

“In view of their failure to comply with the law I believe that supermarket customers may be well justified in questioning the validity of other assertions and claims made on supermarket product wrapping. Given the length of time that supermarkets have had to comply with the law in connection with the labelling of salmon products it is unforgivable that they still fail to do so.

The Salmon Farm Protest Group is compiling a dossier of information that will be used to lodge a formal complaint with the European Commission.

For further information contact Don Staniford on Tel: 00 44 7880 716082

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