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July 2003

Solomon Islands’ fresh capture of dolphins - 31st July 2003

Common dolphin rescue - Brixham, Devon, UK - 31st July 2003

Conservation as the catch of the day for trawl nets - 31st July 2003

U.S. Tests of farmed salmon show high levels of PCBs - 30th July 2003

Has the sea given up its bounty? - 30th July 2003

Farmed salmon is said to contain high PCB levels - 30th July 2003

Australia seeks to stop decline in marine turtles - 30th July 2003

Dolphin dies after flight to Mexico - 30th July 2003

Marine experts investigating humpback whale carcasses found off Cape Cod - 30th July 2003

Greens furious at 'toxic fleet' plan - 29th July 2003

Madagascar’s Marine World - Magical but Fragile - 29th July 2003

Avoiding accidental catches of cetaceans in fishing gear - 28th July 2003

Police investigate mystery deaths of 48 dolphins - 26th July 2003

Catch Zero - Marine ecosystems face a deepening crisis - 26th July 2003

Sea-Friendly Eating - 26th July 2003

Italian Parliament approves Cetacean Protection Bill - 25th July 2003

“Pingers” to protect porpoises and dolphins in Baltic - 25th July 2003

Grief possibly killed dolphin; PM fails to determine Mall dolphin’s cause of death - 25th July 2003

Research claims staggering drop in number of whales - 25th July 2003

Commission pursues legal action against eight Member States - 24th July 2003

Death of Mavis leaves Howard blue in lagoon - 24th July 2003

Expert says Edmonton Mall should review dolphin program - 24th July 2003

Mexican aquatic park allows inspection - 24th July 2003

Captured Solomon Island dolphins swim at the Nizuc Aquatic Park - 24th July 2003

Dolphin trade killing reef, warn villagers - 24th July 2003

Row over dolphin export becomes explosive - 24th July 2003

Fisheries: Commission acts to protect dolphins and porpoises - 24th July 2003

Shark finning is barbaric and must stop, says Fisheries Minister Bradshaw - 24th July 2003

Evidence indicates ultra-loud active sonar systems deadly to marine life - 23rd July 2003

EU plans for dolphin-friendly Baltic - 23rd July 2003

Dolphin guards set upon film crew - 21st July 2003

Solomons row over dolphins - 21st July 2003

Rainforests of the sea ravaged by overfishing and pollution - 18th July 2003

Rare dolphin washed up on beach - 16th July 2003

Canadian official accused of beating an orca whale- 15th July 2003

Rescue team saves Twinkle - again - 15th July 2003

Documentary stirs movement to release Seaquarium's killer whale - 14th July 2003

Environmental cadmium can mimic the effects of oestrogen- 14th July 2003

Largest ever capture of dolphins discovered and what you can do about it! - 11th July 2003

Court thumbs down to farmers' compensation bid - 11th July 2003

Environment Agency patrol seizes record number of illegal gill nets - 9th July 2003

Blood on the waves - 9th July 2003

Seismological research project will likely injure or kill marine mammals - 8th July 2003

Anglers in northern Italy use live kittens as bait to catch river Po's giant catfish: - 7th July 2003

Sound may affect fish despite some claims to the contrary - 3rd July 2003

Mauritanian beaches full of dead dolphins - 1st July 2003

UN Committee recommends new dietary intake limits for mercury - 1st July 2003

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