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June 2003

Plan for UK marine nature reserves - 22nd June 2003

Mauritanian bycatch causes mass deaths of dolphins and turtles - 20th June 2003

Whales seen safer after Berlin whaling summit - 20th June 2003

Activist group warns of unsafe mercury in tuna - 20th June 2003

Whale watchers demand voice at world whaling body - 20th June 2003

Dead porpoises disrupt Berlin whaling meeting - 20th June 2003

Whales win no sanctuary from acrimonious Commission - 19th June 2003

Bycatch porpoises delivered to IWC in Berlin - 19th June 2003

Why dolphins aren't deaf - 19th June 2003

UK announces harsher penalties for Wildlife Trade Offences - 18th June 2003

Why dolphins get trapped in nets - 18th June 2003

Dolphin dies after being rescued in Galveston - 17th June 2003

Diver lost trying to free trapped whale - 17th June 2003

"Who plays by the fisheries rules?" - Commission launches public compliance scoreboard on the internet - 16th June 2003

Nearly 1,000 whales drowning daily in fishing nets: study - 15th June 2003

Sainsbury’s caught hoodwinking customers - 13th June2003

Democratic life in the Union - 13th June 2003

Common Fisheries Policy Compliance Scoreboard - 11th June 2003

Baltic states meet to save dwindling fish stocks - 9th June 2003

How Greenland is helping wild salmon - 9th June 2003

Police save the day for dolphin - link to News12 Long Island - Rescue report and video - 7th June 2003

European Parliament backs tough marine sulphur and electrical energy mix disclosure rules - 6th June 2003

EU parliament votes for less sulphur in ship fuel - 6th June 2003

Background Notes for Agriculture and Fisheries Council of 11&12 June 2003 - 6th June 2003

Decommissioning and transitional aid delays could hit cod recovery plans - 6th June 2003

Species and ecosystem extinction; a direct consequence of human presence - 5th June 2003

Look - but please don’t touch - 5th June 2003

Europe celebrates “Green Week 2003” - 5th June 2003

American anglers warned to watch out for mercury - 5th June 2003

Upcoming reports link human well-being and nature - 5th June 2003

Brazilian state oil company, Petrobras, reports 15 000 litre oil spill - 5th June 2003

Banks to adopt environmental rules amid opposition - 5th June 2003

A Sea Change for U.S. Oceans Policy? - 4th June 2003

Waitrose accused over salmon labelling - 4th June 2003

Escaped farm salmon threaten native species - 4th June 2003

Rare turtles spared in Albanian conservation plan - 4th June 2003

Coastal Waters: A Pattern of Distress - posted 4th June 2003

Two arrested for selling dolphin meat for human consumption - 3rd June 2003

G8 leaders pledge marine protection and clean water - 3rd June 2003

European Commission decides UK fish quota schemes incompatible with rules - 3rd June 2003

Fishermen angry at bid to close off more of reef - 3rd June 2003

Shopping for a better world - UNEP promotes “cool” green lifestyle 2nd June 2003

Farmed salmon more successful breeders - 2nd June 2003

UN Informal Consultative Process on Oceans and Law of Sea - 2nd June 2003

Plan to lock up 30 per cent of Barrier Reef - 2nd June 2003

Acting globally to reclaim the oceans' bounty - 2nd June 2003

Large fish are becoming scarce - 2nd June 2003

Commissioner Wallström opening speech Green Week - pdf 70KB - 2nd June 2003

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