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Scottish farmed salmon the most contaminated in the world - 8th January 2004

Imported seafood goes untested - 14th September 2003

Protest group sends another smoked salmon labelling complaint to EC - 11th August 2003

Supermarket sales of illegally labelled smoked salmon exposed - 11th August 2003

Contaminated salmon on sale to public - 5th August 2003

Escape of a million farmed fish threatens wild salmon - 3rd August

U.S. Tests of farmed salmon show high levels of PCBs - 30th July 2003

Farmed salmon is said to contain high PCB levels - 30th July 2003

Escaped farm salmon threaten native species - 4th June 2003

Farmed salmon more successful breeders - 2nd June 2003

Salmon farms criticised - 31st May 2003

Collapse in wild salmon – fish farming gets the blame - 30th May 2003

Farmed salmon looking less rosy - 28th May 2003

Suffocating fish is cruel - “In too Deep” - 3rd May 2003

Grocery chains agree to label farm-raised salmon - 1st May 2003

Albertsons to post ‘color added’ signs on farmed salmon - 1st May 2003

Marine Harvest Norway has to cut costs - 2nd May 2003

Kroger to add 'color added' labels to all farmed salmon, trout - 30th April 2003

Supermarket salmon watch campaign - posted 28th April 2003

Class-action suits filed against Safeway, Albertson's and Kroger over farmed salmon colorant - 23rd April 2003

“Color added” signs required for farmed salmon at Oregon supermarkets - 16th April 2003

US Salmon - FDA responds to public pressure to enforce origin and method of capture labelling - 17th March 2003

Advisory group urges caution on fish farms - 22nd January 2003

Fish A Good Neighbour but a Dangerous Food - Jackie Alan Giuilano Ph.D

Is Fish farming safe? TIME ONLINE EDITION - 25th November 2002

Wild pink salmon crash blamed on BC fish farm lice - 25th November 2002

Global environmental and public health threat of sea cage fish farming

Canadian study says farmed salmon high in PCBs 17th May 2002

Fish farmers 'blocked' vital safety study 28th February 2002

Norwegian government to have 48% interest in world’s second largest salmon farm 22nd August 2002

Friends of Clayoquot Sound

Displacement of Orca - pdf

Food Fraud: detecting food law cheats 23rd November 2001

The Colour in farmed salmon in British Columbia 14th November 2001

Colour of farmed salmon 14th November 2001

Cage Rage: An inquiry is needed into Scottish Fish Farming 22nd October 2001

Salmon Farming Articles ~ link to “Friends of Blue Hill Bay”  Archive ~

Drug resistant human bacteria ~ Alexandra Morton ~ Raincoast Research Society

Human health hazards

Scottish fisheries research laboratory scientists “gagged” by Scottish Executive 7th January 2001