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Baited lines ~ (Courtesy of Scottish Executive)

It Can't Go On Forever  ~ Longline Death Toll on Albatross and Other Seabirds

Longlines ~ seabirds and turtles bycatch statistics

Fishing capture gears and methods (UN Ocean Atlas World Fish fish capture technology)

Fishing methods (Marine Conservation Society Fishonline Website)

Fishing Gear types - (FIGIS - Fisheries Global Information System)

Fishing deeper and changing bait reduces turtle bycatch – 9th March 2006

Scientist warns of threat to last stronghold of endangered turtle -  8th March 2006

Public outraged at assault on sea turtle protections - 3rd March 2006

Marine ecologists to help rebuild decreasing fish stocks - 16th February 2006

Have your say on the future of seafish – 10th February 2006

Scientists demand an end to 'green' longline fishing - 21st November 2004

Satellite trace finds birds' danger spots  - 12th November 2004

Where seabirds tangle with fishers - albatross and longlines - 11th November 2004

Canberra threatened over albatross deaths - 11th November 2004

Illegal fishing lines found off South Africa’s East Coast -10th November 2004

Plucky orca whales stealing from fishermen - 30th October 2004

Firm may help longliners end orcas' free lunch - 17th October 2004

Nets leave a trail of death in the sea - 9th October 2004

Watchdog group Oceana says fishing hooks threaten turtles - 4th July 2004

Albatross Voyage end leads to next step in World campaign - 20th June 2004

Have a flutter and help save the albatross - 27th April 2004

Albatross punters can have a flutter - 27th April 2004

Greasy solution to albatross problem? - 26th April 2004

Trolling for a market niche, smaller tuna has environmental and health benefits - 4th April 2004

UK finally signs up to save albatross from deadly fishing lines - 4th April 2004

Sea turtles get fishing relief - 1st April 2004

Hope for albatross' survival - 31st March 2004

EU decides to better protect dolphins - 23rd March 2004

Urgent appeal to get seabirds off pirate hooks – 13th March 2004  

Sharks suffer population crash - 12th February 2004

International Coalition calls for immediate UN Moratorium - 24th November 2003

Longline method may help prevent albatross hookings - 15th October 2003

North Sea fish have shrunk - 25th September 2003

Performance Assessment of Underwater Setting Chutes, Side Setting, and Blue-Dyed Bait to Minimize Seabird Mortality in Hawaii Longline Tuna and Swordfish Fisheries - August 2003  (pdf - 666KB)

Albatross left for dead - 14th August 2003

Nearly 1,000 whales drowning daily in fishing nets: study - 15th June 2003

Marine Stewardship Council's approvals "strain the organisation's credibility" - 21st May 2003

Marine Stewardship Council under fire - In deep trouble, we need a sure-fire way to stop fish being hunted to extinction - 17th May 2003

Marine Stewardship Council under fire - Old men of the sea have all but gone - 17th May 2003

Marine Stewardship Council under fire - Can ocean friendly labels save dwindling stocks? -17th May 2003

Modern mariners threaten albatross with extinction - 12th Mar 2003

Scientists ask U.N. to ban certain types of fishing in Pacific - 18th February 2003

Ocean crisis caused by destructive fishing - 18th February 2003

Leatherbacks extinct in 30 years - 17th February 2003

Stock assessment reports (SARs) by species / stock ~ NOAA - 15th January 2003

Forest and Bird to launch Save the Albatross campaign in New Zealand 13th December 2002

Conference highlights techniques for longliners to conserve protected species - 20th November 2002

Longline Fishing Banned Off Pacific Coast - 31st October 2002

Killers tune in for tuna - 7th October 2002

Throwing whales to the sharks - 30th September 2002

Groups Sue Over Experimental Longlining in Hawaii - 28th June 2002

Dehooker proposed experimental design and specifications - 22nd April 2002

Underwater Chute Makes Longlines Safer for Bird - 22nd March 2002

Working Group on Marine Mammal Population Dynamics and Habitats ~ wgmmph01.pdf

Streamer lines to reduce sea bird bycatch in longline fisheries - 2000update 10/03~ streamers.pdf

French tuna longline fishery cetacean bycatch statistics - OSPAR 2000 & Goujon et al 1996

Seabird mortality in longline fisheries

Sudden Death on the High Seas

Bird-Scaring Lines Protect Seabirds

US pelagic longline bycatch statistic - Johnson, Brown and Yeung - 1999