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Illegal fishing

Bradshaw challenges world to improve its ocean management - 25th January 2006

Trawlermen fined for quota scam - 2nd December 2005

Fine forces skipper to put boat on sale - 28th November 2005

Traps targeting illegal fishing - 10th November 2005

Devon trawlermen convicted of multiple fishing offences – 10th November 2005

Illegal traders have £1m assets seized - 18th October 2005

Court quota skippers say: face ruin - 28th September 2005

Fish factories raided by police - 27th September 2005

Judge cuts levies on fishing offenders - 3rd September 2005

Poachers kill 'dolphins that saved New Zealand swimmers' - 27th November 2004

EU sabotages protection of deep sea coral - 22nd November 2004

Where seabirds tangle with fishers - albatross and longlines - 11th November 2004

Undersized fish die by the thousands in mystery ship's wake  - 9th November 2004  

Australian Government says fish pirates use fear and corruption - 3rd November 2004

Fisheries Minister Regan joins illegal fishing activities task force - 28th October 2004

Solicitors tackle illegal fishing - 20th October 2004

Moray Firth dolphins at risk from salmon nets  - 1st July 2004

Australian fits machine guns on research ship patrolling for illegal fishing  - 29th June 2004

Drama at sea as illegal fishing vessel arrested - 28th June 2004  

Spain pledges support in illegal fishing probe- 25th June 2004

Two patrol boats from Spain boost Philippine drive against illegal fishing - 27th May 2004

New Zealand State Services Commission Scampi Inquiry - 26th May 2004

Indonesian boats caught in illegal fishing operation - 26th May 2004

Spain pledges support in illegal fishing probe- 25th June 2004

Portugal denies DFO team access to second fishing boat - 22nd May 2004

Canadians denied access to Portuguese trawler accused of illegal fishing - 18th May 2004

Net seized from European fishing vessel had protected species - 8th May 2004

Canada boards vessels accused of illegal fishing - 6th May 2004

Stricter regulations aim to protect marine ecosystems - 12th April 2004

EU decides to better protect dolphins - 23rd March 2004

Fisheries protection roll for Orion (upgrade likely to fly despite PM objection) - 7th March 2004

Dolphins used for shark bait - 6th March 2004

Fiji could hand French navy policing powers  - 2nd March 2004  

Shark fin hidden in hull of illegal boats - 19th February 2004

Australia concerned about sophistication of illegal fishing - 28th January 2004

Losing the war against poachers - 5th January 2004

3,000 Olive Ridleys perish in Orissa - 3rd January 2004

Indonesia says illegal fishing crackdown successful - 2nd January 2004

Record illegal fishermen caught - 29th December 2003

Mission Impossible - Protecting our marine environment - 23rd December 2003

Trawlers seized near nesting site of Olive Ridley turtles - 3rd December 2003

Taskforce to tackle fishing pirates - 1st December 2003

Ministers agree to fight against illegal fishing - 26th November 2003

Toothfish saga highlights plight of world fisheries - 27th August 2003

Failed fishing policies prompt more illegal catches - 7th August 2003

South African seafood leads to conspiracy charges for five - 7th August 2003

Fishing boat caught in Dounreay exclusion zone - 7th August 2003

Illegal driftnetting off the Island of Ischia - (posted) 2nd August 2003

Shark finning is barbaric and must stop, says Fisheries Minister Bradshaw - 24th July 2003

Rainforests of the sea ravaged by overfishing and pollution - 18th July 2003

Environment Agency patrol seizes record number of illegal gill nets - 9th July 2003