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EU Pelagic fleets

EU, Russia ban some trawling in Northern Atlantic - 18th November 2004

Commission proposes quotas for jointly managed white-fish stocks - 12th April 2004

Cautious welcome to new haddock quota proposals - 4th April 2004

Fishermen furious at No 10 plan to tie up half of Britain's trawlers - 26th March 2004

Fishermen reject plan to slash fleet - 25th March 2004

“Dismay” at proposed fishing reforms - 25th March 2004

Fishing profitable & sustainable in the long term - PM’s Strategy Unit reports - 25th March 2004

EU decides to better protect dolphins - 23rd March 2004

Scottish fishing fleet faces more rough seas ahead - 22nd March 2004

Report to call for more fish cuts - 21st March 2004

Watershed EU vote to protect dolphins - 11th February 2004

Fishermen opt for high-risk policy in fight to secure future - 3rd February 2004

Fishermen poised for illegal action - 31st January 2004

We’ll break law on cod limits, say trawlermen - 31st January 20004

Dolphin friendly net trials a joke - 30th January 2004

Fishermen in talks on future of fleet - 27th January 2004

EU fish quotas dispute meeting arranged - 27th January 2004

Fishermen to defy EU Minister's snub - 14th January 2004

English fishermen to join Scots rebels - 14th January 2004

Record number of dolphin deaths - 13th January 2004

Dolphins & porpoises dead on UK beaches, another year of slaughter looms - 10th January 2004

EU fisheries policy an outrage - 6th October 2003

US warns EU tuna fishing could hit trade relations - 2nd May 2003

False hake declarations result in record fine - 5th April 2003

Net fails to close on law-breaking fishermen - 3rd April 2003

Pelagic men slam Commission over herring licences - 7th March 2003

Skippers of two Shetland pelagic trawlers fined - 5th March 2003

Merger will result in new pelagic giant - 23rd January 2003

Spanish Pelagic opens Spain's largest port coldstore 26th November 2002

Mackerel quota may be reduced by 25 per cent - 24th Octoher 2002

Norwegian pelagic industry quadrupled in 12 years - 18th October 2000

Shetland Catch - Europe's largest pelagic fish processor has decided to go even bigger - July 2002

to get new pelagic trawlers

SMRU Report “Observations in the bass pair trawl fishery in the Channel January to March 2001” - MS Word Download 418KB- pub May 2002

New Zealnd Sea Lion Autopsy Findings 2001/2002

Faroese plant to be in full operation within autumn season - 23rd.May 2002

Dolphins for Human Consumption - 26th April 2002

Cetacean Deaths 350 Dolphins Found Dead on English Channel shores January 2002

Million dollar pelagic industry forging its way eastwards 18th December 2001

Dolphin deaths blamed on new pair trawl nets

Irish Pelagic Fisheries Statistics 2000

Cetacean Deaths in France February, 2000