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Dolphins dying in tuna nets - screen captures of undercover video

Farming not salvation as tuna face new threat - 9th June 2004

Anchovies abandon Bay of Biscay for warm British waters - 30th August 2003

How foul is that fish? - 18th August 2003

Catch Zero - Marine ecosystems face a deepening crisis - 26th July 2003

Sea-Friendly Eating - 26th July 2003

Rare dolphin washed up on beach - 16th July 2003

Activist group warns of unsafe mercury in tuna - 20th June 2003

What REALLY happens to dolphins in the Mexican tuna fisheries - posted 28th May 2003

Cornish fishermen seek new lifeline from tuna - 19th May 2003

US warns EU tuna fishing could hit trade relations - 2nd May 2003

Court blocks Bush "Dolphin Safe" label - 10th April 2003

Mercury labelling of canned tuna urged by CA Medical Association and Advocates - 2nd April 2003

Weakening of the Dolphin Safe tuna label - Sam LaBudde footage narrated by Bill Snape - March 2003

Grant aid for key tuna study - 20th March 2003

Video footage of dolphins deaths in tuna purse seine nets - KRON4 - 12th March 2003

Trapnet fishery takes mackerel and tuna where trawling is banned - 3rd March 2003

Galapagos stays off-limits for tuna fleets - 6th February 2003

New canning rules allow Ecuador to catch tuna in Peruvian waters - 6th February 2003

Tuna companies say no change in fishing practices - 28th January 2003

Support the current “Dolphin Safe” label - 23rd January 2003

The Mexican tuna industry should not be allowed to use Dolphin Safe seals of approval - 14th January 2003

Agreement protects dolphins pending preliminary injunction hearing - 9th January 2003

Two Scientists Contend U.S. Suppressed Dolphin Studies - 8th January 2003

U.S. Changes Meaning of Dolphin Safe Tuna Label 6th January 2003

US Government sued over dolphin safe labelling - 3rd January 2003

EII condemns Bush Administration’s weakening of “Dolphin Safe” label - 31st December 2002

Humane Society of the United States’s Kitty Block - The weakening of the “Dolphin Safe” label

Beyond the limits of sustainable growth - Earth on the market

U.S. Agency finds tuna still deadly to dolphins 6th December 2002

3,000 dolphins killed yearly by fishing in eastern tropical Pacific - 4th December 2002

WWF & Greenpeace denounce decision on irresponsible management of tuna fisheries 5th November 2002

Killers tune in for tuna - 7th October 2002

EII releases secret dolphin study report

“Dolphin Safe” Tuna Label

Tuna - Dolphin wars - Summer 2002

Smugglers are using tuna boats to transport cocaine - Summer 2002

Foreign tuna fleet to be ejected - 15th July 2002

Galapagos dolphins die tangled in fishing nets - 6th June 2002

Dolphin safe tuna label weakening - Dr. Naomi Rose -
Rebuttal of Greenpeace USA's email response to tuna/dolphin queries

Recent use of Fish Aggregating Devices in the Eastern Tropical Pacific Tuna Purse-Seine Fishery 1990-94 (Revised March 1996) {LJ-96-02}: Armstrong W.A. [pdf379KB]

The Destruction of dolphins by Kenneth Brower - July 1989