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March 2003

Weakening of the Dolphin Safe tuna label - Sam LaBudde footage narrated by Bill Snape - March 2003

Marine research ship comes home - 31st March 2003

"Beyond REACH" European Voice Conference - Margot Wallström's speech regarding chemicals that impact human health and the environment - 31st March 2003

Protection of the environment through criminal law: Commission decides to take action in the Court of Justice - 31st March 2003

Takoma the dolphin goes AWOL - 29th March 2003

South Africa nets illegal haul of Patagonian toothfish - 28th March 2003

Dolphins have no peer when it comes to finding mines - 28th March 2003

South Africa to crash illegal fishing along coastline - 28th March 2003

Airship based sensors tracking right whales - 27th March 2003

Stranded sperm whale dies - 27th March 2003

EU agrees to ban single-hulled tankers - 27th March 2003

Europeans see the environment as top priority - 27th March 2003

Trained dolphins assist in mine location - 27th March 2003

Rare whale washes up - 27th March 2003

Dolphins did not volunteer for war animal rights activists say - 27th March 2003

Dolphins used to clear Iraq's only port for humanitarian shipments - 26th March 2003

Cut fishing to save dolphins - 26th March 2003

U.S. enlists dolphins to aid war effort - 25th March 2003

US wants tougher trade rules for fish subsidies - 24th March 2003

Commission proposes a "Community Fisheries Control Agency" - 24th March 2003

Stop the dolphin imports - 23rd March 2003

Salvage effort for stricken ship - 23rd March 2003

Dolphin deaths won't stop - 22nd March 2003

Puzzled scientists probe cause of California otter deaths - 22nd March 2003

launches UK Small Cetacean Bycatch Response Strategy - 20th March 2003

Future of marine mammals under spotlight - 20th March 2003

Campaigners say dolphin slaughter will not end - 20th March 2003

Grant aid for key tuna study - 20th March 2003

Hopes raised of cut in dolphin deaths - 20th march 2003

Beached whale dies on South Beach - 20th March 2003

“Pingers” for nets may become compulsory - 20th March 2003

Tuna scheme should be extended - 20th March 2003

Undersea mobile to save dolphins - 20th March 2003

Cost of dolphin death horrors - 19th March 2003

US Military seeks exemptions from environmental laws including MMPA - 19th March 2003

Burden of proof - the toxic chemicals in our bodies 19th March 2003

Senate votes against Arctic drilling - 19th March 2003

Shetland anger over " Poaching" claim - 18th March 2003

Whale dies after being stranded on beach - 18th March 2003

US Salmon - FDA responds to public pressure to enforce origin and method of capture labelling - 17th March 2003

Illegal fishing by EU boats - 17th March 2003

Environmental groups criticize federal bycatch plan - 17th March 2003

Nets threaten to wipe out dolphins - 16th March 2003

Stranded Sei whale may have starved to death - 15th March 2003

US may dump toxic fleet in our backyard -15th March 2003

Pesticides: consumer protection to be boosted - 14th March 2003

Europe's Emas scheme shows its teeth - 14th March 2003

Commission agrees recreational craft noise and exhaust emission limits - 14th March 2003

Fiji joins South Pacific countries in protecting whales - 14th March 2003

Iceland sets out plan to resume whaling - 13th March 2003

Video footage of dolphins deaths in tuna purse seine nets - KRON4 - 12th March 2003

Fishy food cuts belching beasts' methane - 12th March 2003

Modern mariners threaten albatross with extinction - 12th Mar 2003

European Parliament supports fisheries aid - 12th March 2003

Dolphin killed by explosives used for fishing - 12th March 2003

Let slip the sea lions of war - 11th March 2003

Conservationists warn grey nurse shark faces extinction - 10th March 2003

Dolphin Deaths -
BBC Countryfile investigates continued threat to dolphins - 9th March 2003

Pygmy whale beaches itself, dies - 9th March 2003

Mangrove ecosystem endangered as forests are converted to aquaculture - posted 9th March 2003

Secret weapon - the deployment of “marine mammal systems” - 8th March 2003

Nova Scotia oil test plan draws ire - 7th March 2003

Pelagic men slam Commission over herring licences - 7th March 2003

Sellafield radioactive discharge reports inadequate - 7th March 2003

Rare Whales Rock Up At Walvis - 7th March 2003

Oil killed 200,000 birds - 7th March 2003

US Coastguard deploys environmental warriors to Gulf - 7th March 2003

Italians develop dolphin-saving whistle - 7th March 2003

Trawlers in radio blackout over cuts - 6th March 2003

Cod fishery may be finished - 6th March 2003

Cruise ships should not dump raw waste - 6th March 2003

Biodiversity vital for achieving Millennium Development Goals - 5th March 2003

European Commission proposes criminal sanctions for polluting ships - 5th March 2003

Alaska damaged by past oil production - 5th March 2003

Skippers of two Shetland pelagic trawlers fined - 5th March 2003

EU Ministers Test the Water on Clean Beach Rules - 4th March 2003

Prices flop again - posted 3rd March 2003

Trapnet fishery takes mackerel and tuna where trawling is banned - 3rd March 2003

Strong support for firmer action against IUU fishing - 3rd March 2003

Cruise liners leave marine pollution in their wake - 2nd March 2003

Pearl mussels under threat from illegal fishermen - 1st March 2003

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