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April 2003

Tiny bubbles and military sonars give cetaceans "the bends" - April 2003

Kroger to add 'color added' labels to all farmed salmon, trout - 30th April 2003

Sodexho sees opportunity in sustainable food - 30th April 2003

Dead dolphin in Tutong - 30th April 2003

Japan sinks G8 move on tanker safety - 30th April 2003

New mangrove forests threaten coral reefs - 30th April 2003

Sellafield waste 'could cost Norwegian aqua industry billions' - 29th April 2003

Picnickers help free stranded dolphin - 29th April 2003

Fear for protection of marine wildlife - 29th April 2003

Warning signs showing up in California restaurants - 29th April 2003

European Union may lift ban on South American fish meal - 29th April 2003

Test finds toxic salt (perchlorate) in lettuce - 28th April 2003

((Perchlorate contamination information and associated links))

Poachers in Peru still killing dolphins - 28th April 2003

Asian shark-fin trade may be larger than expected - 28th April 2003

Supermarket salmon watch campaign - posted 28th April 2003

New strategy targets Tanzania’s coastal problems - 25th April 2003

177 Scottish skippers apply to quit fishing - 24th April 2003

Mercury increases heart disease risk - 24th April 2003

Canada puts end to Atlantic cod fishery - 24th April 2003

Class-action suits filed against Safeway, Albertson's and Kroger over farmed salmon colorant - 23rd April 2003

Finland fights oil spill in Baltic - 23rd April 2003

Japan’s whale meat exceeds mercury density safety limits - 23rd April 2003

Climatologists give waterworld warning for Earth - 23rd April 2003

Whale-sized interest in giant mammal on beach - 23rd April 2003

3.5m fishing deal set to boost salmon river - 22nd April 2003

Georges Bank cod stock on decline - 22nd April 2003

WTO: fisheries subsidies - EU tables proposal for sustainable fishing - 22nd April 2003

Seven surviving pilot whales start swimming, health improving - 22nd April 2003

Stranded whales get some exercise - 21st April 2003

Sick whales remain 'guarded' - 20th April 2003

Green groups to wage war at AGMs - 20th April 2003

Seven stranded whales in Florida being rehabilitated - 20th April 2003

Stripping the oceans to feed cats - 20th April 2003

Stranded whales in peril - 19th April 2003

Peruvian activist takes on the fishmeal industry - 18th April 2003

Marine creatures threatened by trawlers - 18th April 2003

UK skippers earn accreditation for wildlife viewing - 17th April 2003

Illegal fishing blamed on EU buyers demand for 100 gm nile perch fillets - 17th April 2003

“Color added” signs required for farmed salmon at Oregon supermarkets - 16th April 2003

EU bans trawling for cod in Baltic waters until September - 15th April 2003

Kenting villagers vow to save their coral reef - 14th April 2003

Pacific Council imposes devastating emergency limits on trawl fishery - 14th April 2003

Defenders of the deep - 14th April 2003

Whale funeral draws 1000 mourners - 13th April 2003

Mundo Azul & Ripley initiate campaign for conservation of dolphins in Peru - 12th April 2003

U.S. Senate approves whaling captain tax deduction - 11th April 2003

Skippers get wildlife lessons - 11th April 2003

Humpback attacked by sharks off Mokule'ia - 11th April 2003

Coral bleaching caused by malaria of the oceans - 11th April 2003

Conservation research boost of 500,000 - 10th April 2003

More than 3000 dolphins per year are killed in Peru - 10th April 2003

Court blocks Bush "Dolphin Safe" label - 10th April 2003

The Iceland Tourist Industry Association strengthens stand against whaling - 9th April 2003

Results of the Agriculture and Fisheries Council of 8 April 2003 - 9th April 2003

Solomon Islanders slaughter 51 beached whales - 8th April 2003

Another killer whale slaughter in Greenland - 8th April 2003

First farmed cod on the slab - 7th April 2003

False hake declarations result in record fine - 5th April 2003

1.6 million fine for Anglo-Spanish fisheries fraud at Swansea Crown Court - 4th April 2003

Red tide worsening; manatees recovering - 4th April 2003

Russian prosecutor says probe into illegal crab fishing targets prime minister - 4th April 2003

Panhandle Navy research may let mine hunting dolphins retire - 4th April 2003

Shellfish licensing will safeguard vital stocks - 4th April 2003

Net fails to close on law-breaking fishermen - 3rd April 2003

Mercury labelling of canned tuna urged by CA Medical Association and Advocates - 2nd April 2003

Japan whaling fleet kills 400 minkes - 2nd April 2003

Restaurateurs forced to more actively confront environmental issues - 2nd April 2003

Laws fail to protect marine mammals from harassment - 6th April 2003

Poll: Europeans give environment top priority - 1st April 2003

For 118 a dolphin dies - 1st April 2003

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