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May 2003

Salmon farms criticised - 31st May 2003

Collapse in wild salmon – fish farming gets the blame - 30th May 2003

The looming fish crisis - 30th May 2003

EU fishing 'drives bushmeat trade' - 29th May 2003

Biologist says whale killed by ship - 29th May 2003

Activists sue U.S. over orcas' status - 29th May 2003

Hoki sales under threat because of poor quality - 29th May 2003

High mercury levels found in rain - 29th May 2003

Man-made chemicals are causing serious problems for wild animals - 29th May 2003

Farmed salmon looking less rosy - 28th May 2003

What REALLY happens to dolphins in the Mexican tuna fisheries - posted 28th May 2003

Well intentioned “rescuers” of whale may have hurt effort to help the mammal - 28th May 2003

Three common dolphins rescued from South beach Studland UK - 27th May 2003

Legal challenge aims to protect Puget Sound killer whales - 27th May 2003

Canada - Federal mismanagement blamed for Newfoundland fishery collapse - 27th May 2003

Outcome of Agriculture / Fisheries Council of May 2003 - 27th May 2003

Icelanders to resume hunting for whales - 27th May 2003

Conservationists want Inner Hebrides as UK’s first marine national park- 27th May 2003

Conservationists say manatee should stay on Florida’s endangered list- 27th May 2003

Oceans in peril, seas polluted and fish stocks in decline - 27th May 2003

Distraught Algerians flock to see whale - 26th May2003

UK launches environment fund for eastern Europe - 26th May 2003

Deadly sea toxin continues to kill California dolphins and seals - 26th May 2003

Why dolphins are paying the price of your sea bass dinner - 25th May 2003

Illegal dealer of dolphin meat caught in the act in Lima, Peru - 24th May 2003

Stranded whale freed after stranding on rocky shore - 24th May 2003

Reef stranded minke whale rescued & released from Long Rock, Penzance, UK - 23rd May 2003

Spain bars four suspect oil-dumping ships - 23rd May 2003

Seafood industry support worth 5.8 million announced - 23rd may 2003

Whale dies despite help from a marine network - 23rd May 2003

Woman nets fine for petting killer whale - 22nd May 2003

Grave risk to humans from loss of species - extinction rates threaten our survival – 22 May 2003

Row as Hong Kong company is accused of plundering Bikini Atoll sharks - 22nd May 2003

US Navy admits burning 600 000 gallons of radioactive fuel at S.F. Shipyard - 21st May 2003

Marine Stewardship Council's approvals "strain the organisation's credibility" - 21st May 2003

Scottish Executive rejects international buy out of salmon drift netters - 21st May 2003

Japan’s Consumers Union fears toxin levels in Norwegian whale products - 21st May 2003

Packaged whale meat in Japan contains high levels of mercury - 20th May 2003

SeaWorld sells six sea lion pups to Navy - 20th May 2003

One thousand Brazilian babies poisoned by mercury - 20th May 2003

Cornish fishermen seek new lifeline from tuna - 19th May 2003

Drift netsmen agree to quit for the salmon's sake - 19th May 2003

The First International Baltic Harbour Porpoise Day - 19th May 2003

Sea lions and dolphins likely ill from algae - 18th May 2003

Dead whale to get 'New Life' at museum - 18th May 2003

Marine Stewardship Council under fire - In deep trouble, we need a sure-fire way to stop fish being hunted to extinction - 17th May 2003

Marine Stewardship Council under fire - Old men of the sea have all but gone - 17th May 2003

Marine Stewardship Council under fire - Can ocean friendly labels save dwindling stocks? -17th May 2003

The dead sea cells - industrialised greed ends harvest of the deep - 17th May 2003

Australian Authorities arrest 19 illegal fishing boats and crews - 17th May 2003

International Day of the Baltic Harbour Porpoise - 17th May 2003 - posted 15th May 2003

Brazil and Argentina seek Atlantic whale sanctuary - 16th May 2003

Puget Sound porpoise deaths probed - 16th May 2003

Florida chefs give up Chilean sea bass - 16th May 2003

Norway advises pregnant women against whale meat - 15th May 2003

Navy admits using sonar in strait - 15th May 2003

52 out of 69 North East Netsmen exchange salmon licences for cash - posted 15th May 2003

'Polluter pays' law one step closer - 14th May 2003

River dolphins could die out in 10 years - 14th May 2003

Great fish going the way of the dinosaurs - 14th May 2003

MEPs back 'polluter pays' law - 14th May 2003

Small cetacean species may not survive another decade - 14th May 2003

Ocean's great fish all but gone - 14th May 2003

Brunei animal lovers guide stranded whale back home - 13th May 2003

Progress of Reform of the Common Fisheries Policy - Twenty-Fifth Report of the Select Committee on European Union - House Lords - 13th May 2003

Wildlife groups want law change to save dolphins endangered by coastal fishing - 13th May 2003

15th Report of the Scientific, Technical, and Economic Committee for Fisheries -Commission Staff Working Paper - SEC(2003)550 - November 2002 - pub - 12th May 2003 - pdf - 552KB

Porpoise saved in Essex rescue operation - 12th May 2003

US Navy Sonar blasts Pacific Northwest killer whales - 12th May 2003

Could Navy Sonar Tests Be Hurting Porpoises? - link to komo4News video- 12th May 2003

United States seeks new riches with claims to ocean floor - 12th May 2003

20-feet whale stranded near Muara - 12th May 2003

Fishing leader wants seal cull to protect cod stocks - 12th May 2003

Trawlers' deadly toll of dolphins - 12th May 2003

Whalers furious about PCB and dioxin controversy - 12th May 2003

The Illegal trade in live fish - 12th May 2003

Oil spill closes beaches - 12th May 2003

Seaquarium protesters say: let Lolita go! - 12th May 2003

Japan rejects shark, sea horse trade restrictions - 12th May 2003

Iceland vodka baron buys off drift-net fishermen to save British wild salmon - 11th May 2003

Farmed fish, dyed, desexed and a threat to the planet - 11th May 2003

BDMLR’s Veterinary Director reports on harbour porpoise stranding - 10th May 2003

Bite the dust, the pesticides in a healthy eater's shopping basket - 10th May 2003

Sea mammals infected with domoic acid toxicity are stranding themselves - 9th May 2003

Navy sonar may have spooked orcas, porpoises - 9th May 2003

Navy sonar incident alarms experts - 8th May 2003

Two Spaniards held in Senegal over capture of dolphins - 8th May 2003

Hopes rise for albatrosses - 8th May 2003

U.S. destroyer's sonar probed as cause of whale disturbance - 7th May 2003

$100 000 reward to catch toothfish pirates- 7th May 2003

Internet consult opens on new European chemicals law - 7th May 2003

Oslo scuppers plan to sell whale blubber to Japan - 7th May 2003

The EU Chemical Strategy - working towards a sustainable approach - 7th May 2003

REACH - Registration, Evaluation, and Authorisation of CHemicals - 7th May 2003

Dead sperm whale lifted out of harbour - 6th May 2003

A long-term recovery plan for cod, Dr. Franz Fischler's speech - 6th May 2003

Commission proposes long-term recovery plan for cod - 6th May 2003

Nuclear dump plan for offshore caverns comes under attack - 5th May 2003

Suffocating fish is cruel - “In too Deep” - 3rd May 2003

Stranded dolphin improves, but pilot whale dies - 3rd May 2003

Marine Harvest Norway has to cut costs - 2nd May 2003

US warns EU tuna fishing could hit trade relations - 2nd May 2003

Canada lists Atlantic Cod as endangered - 2nd May 2003

New rules for Chilean sea bass fall short, environmentalists say - 2nd May 2003

Vets study rare whales - 2nd May 2003

More success for NASF`s campaign to restore wild salmon stocks - 2nd May 2003

Fish do feel pain, say British scientists - 2nd May 2003

Grocery chains agree to label farm-raised salmon - 1st May 2003

Albertsons to post ‘color added’ signs on farmed salmon - 1st May 2003

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