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January 2004

MPs in plea to save dolphins - 31st January 2004

Decision on Puget Sound orcas protection moves closer - 31st January 2004

Fishermen poised for illegal action - 31st January 2004

We’ll break law on cod limits, say trawlermen - 31st January 20004

Dolphin friendly net trials a joke - 30th January 2004

MPs in call for bass fishery closure to protect dolphins and porpoises - 30th January 2004

MPs call for increased protection of dolphins - 30th January 2004

Caught in the net: by-catch of dolphins and porpoises off the UK coast - 30th January 2004 pdf

Flu virus could infect whales and other marine mammals - 29th January 2004

Sakhalin-1 oil & gas consortium studies industrial influence on grey whales - 28th January 2004

Pollution 'changes sex of whales' - 28th January 2004

Australia concerned about sophistication of illegal fishing - 28th January 2004

Mercury fears with dead dolphins - 27th January 2004

Fishermen in talks on future of fleet - 27th January 2004

EU fish quotas dispute meeting arranged - 27th January 2004

EU awards Cetacean Bycatch Observer Project contract – 27th January 2003

Levels of toxins in fish continue to give cause for concern - 26th January 2004

Whale study reveals spread of ocean contaminants - 26th January 2004

Crew of trawler saved in fishing drama - 26th January 2004

Greenpeace crew question fishermen - 26th January 2004

Give fishermen all the facts on Pescado tragedy - 24th January 2004

Submarine was close to trawler before it sank - 23rd January 2004

Ship sails to protect dolphins from nets - 21st January 2004

Large number of dead porpoises washed ashore - 21st January 2004

Concern at record porpoise deaths - 21st January 2004

Dolphins on the decline - 19th January 2004

Pollution peril for Australian dolphins - 19th January 2004

Study highlights pollution impact on dolphins -19th January 2004

Seismic link possible in marine decline - 17th January 2004

Dolphins passing leaves questions - 16th January 2004

Call for halt to dolphin deaths - 15th January 2004

Fishermen to defy EU Minister's snub - 14th January 2004

English fishermen to join Scots rebels - 14th January 2004

Dolphin deaths fear - 13th January 2004

Record number of dolphin deaths - 13th January 2004

Higher contaminant levels add fuel to argument for wild fish - 11th January 2004

Toxic salmon faces EU-wide sales ban - 11th January 2004

Dolphins & porpoises dead on UK beaches, another year of slaughter looms - 10th January 2004

Industry defends Scottish salmon - 9th January 2004

Scare over farmed salmon safety - 8th January 2004

Scottish farmed salmon the most contaminated in the world - 8th January 2004

Set net ban looms in Kaikoura after mutilated dolphin found - 8th January 2004

Divers and conservationists launch marine life rescue initiative - 7th January 2004

French fishing threat to dolphin "superpod" - 6th January 2004

Losing the war against poachers - 5th January 2004

New Zealand Boaties prevent whale stranding - 5th January 2004

3,000 Olive Ridleys perish in Orissa - 3rd January 2004

Indonesia says illegal fishing crackdown successful - 2nd January 2004

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