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June 2004

Satellite surveillance to counter North Sea maritime polluters - 30th June 2004

Australian fits machine guns on research ship patrolling for illegal fishing - 29th June 2004

New Malaysian law soon on permitted trawl nets - 29th June 2004

Plastic bags cause environmental havoc - 29th June 2004

New push to reform U.S. Fisheries Bill would change make-up of councils - 28th June 2004

Will Caspian Sea become another Aral? - 28th June 2004

Drama at sea as illegal fishing vessel arrested - 28th June 2004

Marine pollution policy under fire - 27th June 2004

Whales 1, scientists 0 - Orca Luna’s capture and relocation prevented - 26th June 2004

UN panel of experts urges closing fisheries to save sea turtles - 25th June 2004

Spain pledges support in illegal fishing probe- 25th June 2004

Biologists believe male dolphins leave the family group to avoid inbreeding - 25th June 2004

Reef crisis as coral cover shrinks by half in 40 years - 25th June 2004

Scientists listen to whale hearing using hydrophones - 25th June 2004

Air pollution from ocean vessels to continue - 24th June 2004

Australian salmon death mystery - 24th June 2004

Study shows higher malady rate in lagoon dolphins than open water cousins - 23rd June 2004

Welsh proposal to ban jet skiers to protect dolphins - 23rd June 2004

Suit says feds not protecting turtles - 23rd June 2004

ScottishPower subsidiary in dispute over Native Americans fishing grounds - 21st June 2004

Scientists puzzled by dead dolphins in Mauritania - 21st June 2004

Albatross Voyage end leads to next step in World campaign - 20th June 2004

Non-complying Hoki fishery may lose certification - 20th June 2004

Turtle watch on Florida’s beaches - 20th June 2004

Death nets of Arnhem Land - 19th June 2004

Five basking sharks found dead on coast - 18th June 2004

Cause of dolphin deaths remains elusive - 17th June 2004

Signs of a cleaner River Thames or is it global warming? - 16th June 2004

Experts say creating ocean nature reserves can solve global fish crisis - 15th June 2004

Bohai Sea hit by two colossal red tides - 15th June 2004

Lax laws and enforcement killing Cortez - 15th June 2004

Reducing accidental catch could benefit both fish and fisherman - 14th June 2004

Overfishing responsible for vanishing sea life in Sea of Cortez - 14th June 2004

Research fuels worry about genetically altered fish and the environment - 13th June 2004

Endangered coral species inTasman Sea damaged by deep sea trawlers - 13th June 2004

Killer whales sing longer songs around noisy boats - 13th June 2004

Dozens of dolphins found dead in Mauritania - 11th June 2004

No whale for lunch in Oslo - 10th June 2004

Meeting discusses the increase in dolphin deaths around the coast - 10th June 2004

Farming not salvation as tuna face new threat - 9th June 2004

Changing climate - Britain offer a warm welcome to new varieties of wildlife - 8th June 2004

Pollution in river kills crayfish - 8th June 2004

50 key facts about seas and oceans - 8th June 2004

Corpse of dolphin left at ministry - 8th June 2004

Environmentalists seek ban on bottom trawl fishing - 7th June 2004

Coalition seeks UN halt to deep sea destruction - 7th June 2004

Bond star launches whale research ship - 6th June 2004

Havens of newly found marine life under threat - 5th June 2004

Great Barra Reef to reveal secrets of sea - 4th June 2004

Dying killer whale family wins protection - 4th June 2004

The threat of a seal cull in Tor Bay has alarmed conservationists - 3rd June 2004

Oxygen starved oceanic dead zones creating marinelife crisis - 3rd June 2004

Lobbyist says entire commercial fishery an ecological problem - 3rd June 2004

Move fish farms onto land to control contaminants - 3rd June 2003

Sea turtle standings worst in 15-years - 2nd June 2004

Fishing line left behind by anglers is killing seabirds - 2nd June 2004

Government wants to slow ships to help right whales - 2nd June 2004

Warning of epidemic in Scottish salmon farms - 2nd June 2004

Iceland announces plan to hunt 25 minke whales - 1st June 2004

Is seabird's population rise down to cod's decline? - 1st June 2004

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