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October 2003

Activists film bloody dolphin kill in Taiji, Japan - posted 31st October 2003

Dolphin massacre turns sea blood red - 29th October 2003

Ex-fisherman hits out at “insignificant” industry claims - 26th October 2003

Money to move lonely orca could come soon - 25th October 2003

Scientists still seek ban on cod catches - 25th October 2003

Fishermen's cod claims backed by new research - 24th October 2003

UN donates £19m to clean up Russia's polluted Arctic shores - 23rd October 2003

EU is failing to halt over fishing in Africa, says WWF - 23rd October 2003

Marine life census releases first figures - 23rd October 2003

Fishing chiefs challenge EU cod plan - 23rd October 2003

Algae biotoxin studied in July whale deaths - 23rd October 2003

Marine Park denies wrongdoing over dolphin’s captive conditions - 22nd October 2003

In Cancún, a war over dolphins - 22nd October 2003

“No Take Zone” proposals for Falmouth, Cornwall - 22nd October 2003

Cod catch ban could kill fleet - 21st October 2003

Single-hull oil tankers banned from European ports - 21st October 2003

Mexico to transfer dolphins from park after 4 die - 20th October 2003

Scientific advice confirms Fisheries Commission fears - 20th October 2003

Ices advises zero catches of cod and other fish stocks - 20th October 2003

North Sea faces collapse of its ecosystem - 19th October 2003

Dumped dead fish are marine pollutant - 18th October 2003

Antidepressant, oestrogen and steroids found in Texan fish stirs concern - 17th October 2003

Fin whale found dead in River Elbe at Hamburg - 16th October 2003

Longline method may help prevent albatross hookings - 15th October 2003

Dead dolphins reported in Kaipara may have starved - 15th October 2003

Summary of consultation responses to the UK Small Cetacean Bycatch Response Strategy.
(Pdf 15KB) Web posted 13th October 2003

Deep ocean & coastal anchovies are genetically different species - 13th October 2003

Graphic evidence of whale's near miss - 12th October 2003

Trapped in an underwater hell, Mexico pressed to free dolphins - 12th October 203

Common Fisheries Policy: EUC Report - Lords Hansard text for 10th October 2003 (231010-05)

Military sonar systems linked to whale deaths - 10th October 2003

Whale deaths linked to the bends - 9th October 2003

Navy sonars blamed for beached whales - 9th October 2003

Sonar implicated in gas bubble lesions found in stranded cetaceans - 9th October 2003

Was sonar responsible for whale deaths after an Atlantic military exercise? (pdf 116KB)- 9th October 2003

Scientists split over regulations on sonar use - 9th October 2003

Environment Agency - NO to UK wet dock breaking of US ghost ships– 9th October 2003

Navy sonar affecting whales - 8th October 2003

Military SONAR may give whales the bends, study says - 8th October 2003

Council tries to sink UK scrapping of the US “ghost fleet” - 8th October 2003

Military sonar may give whales the bends - 8th October 2003

Humpback whale burial at Seven Mile Beach, Australia - 8th October 2003

Ministers plan allows more sea lion deaths - 7th October 2003

EU scientists legalize controversial herbicide - 6th October 2003

Environment Agency faces legal challenge over ghost fleet - 6th October 2003

Sea Shepherd exposes dolphin slaughter - 6th October 2003

EU fisheries policy an outrage - 6th October 2003

Controversy swirls around dolphins - 5th October 2003

Fishing method eyed in mammals’ deaths - 4th October 2003

Latest deaths of whales add to the mystery - 4th October 2003

Developing nations are “set to dominate world fishing” - 3rd October 2003

Lonely whale off Canada to get family reunion - 3rd October 2003

Commission proposes EU action to protect European eels - 2nd October 2003

UN adopts UAE University's innovative oil salvage idea - 2nd October 2003

New chemicals in Arctic’s toxic stew - 1st October 2003

Outrage as first orca is captured in Russian waters - 1st October 2003

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