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Oil Spills

Satellite surveillance to counter North Sea maritime polluters - 30th June 2004

Oil project is death knell for whales - 17th April 2004

Protecting the seas - PSCMU may impose minimum tanker standards - 7th March 2004

Animals’ Sexual Changes Linked to Waste, Chemicals - 1st March 2004

Norway urged to reject oil plans - 22nd November 2003

Commission publishes list of ships banned from EU ports - 14th November 2003

UN donates 19m to clean up Russia's polluted Arctic shores - 23rd October 2003

Single-hull oil tankers banned from European ports - 21st October 2003

Environment Agency faces legal challenge over ghost fleet - 6th October 2003

UN adopts UAE University's innovative oil salvage idea - 2nd October 2003

Toxic 'ghost fleet' to cross English Channel - 5th September 2003

Pakistan fears major spill as grounded tanker leaks - 30th August 2003

Nordics, Baltics seek control Russia tanker traffic - 29th August 2003

Brazilian state oil company, Petrobras, reports 15 000 litre oil spill - 5th June 2003

Spain bars four suspect oil-dumping ships - 23rd May 2003

'Polluter pays' law one step closer - 14th May 2003

MEPs back 'polluter pays' law - 14th May 2003

Oil spill closes beaches - 12th May 2003

Japan sinks G8 move on tanker safety - 30th April 2003

Finland fights oil spill in Baltic - 23rd April 2003

Kenting villagers vow to save their coral reef - 14th April 2003

Spanish plan “Prestige” oil-raising sheme - 9th April 2003

Effects of oil on seals and other marine mammals - posted on 26th March 2003

Salvage effort for stricken ship - 23rd March 2003

Oil killed 200,000 birds - 7th March 2003

US Coastguard deploys environmental warriors to Gulf - 7th March 2003

Alaska damaged by past oil production - 5th March 2003

Greenpeace wants EU to sue Spain over tanker wreck - 19th Feb 2003

Finns urge Russia to halt use of unsafe tankers - 13th February 2003

Oil tanker runs aground off Denmark - 7th February 2003

France Portugal and Spain urge EU to speed up single-hull oil tanker ban - 7th February 2003

Finland's Prime Minister discusses tanker safety with Russian counterpart - 6th February 2003

Cracks found in oil tanker - 6th February 2003

Workers prepare to clear oil pollution from Bakio Beach - Northern Spain - 5th February 2003

Finland's President sees tanker Stemnitsa as Major Safety Risk - 4th February 2003

Prestige tanker to spill thousands more tonnes of toxic fuel - 30th January 2003

Norway Draugen oilfield leaks oil far from coast - 29th January 2003

Belgian coast faces oil disaster from sunken cargo ship - 27th January 2003

US will help Spain clean up after tanker disaster - 24th January 2003

Captain found dead as sunken Spanish barge seeps oil - 23rd January 2003

Oil Barge Sinks in Gibraltar - 21st January 2003

Maritime safety and single hulled oil tankers - Sea-River News - article - January 2003 Edition

Dealing with POLLUTION from SHIPS - 9th January 2003 - pdf

France bans some oysters as oil pollutes coast - 6th January 2003

Prestige oil spill hits French coast - 3rd January 2003

End in sight for single hulled oil tankers - 20th December 2002

European Commission repeats call for single-hull oil tanker ban - 20th December 2002

European Commission takes steps to ban substandard oil tankers from European waters

France and Spain invoke powers to inspect oil tankers

Oil slick affects hundreds of birds 5th December 2002

Dead Dolphin Covered With Fuel Oil is Taken Away by Enviroment Workers 3rd December 2002

Oil leak kills seabirds 5th October 2002

Oil in the Sea - National Academy of Sciences - 2002 - pdf-178kB

Operational discharges of oil and oil spills from offshore installations: 1982-2000, North Sea

Major Oil Spills - Historical data