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January 2003

Fisheries Minister Elliot Morley announces English aid package - 31st January 2003

Second National Report on Human Exposure to Environmental Chemicals - 31st January 2003

Studies show Americans' bodies high in toxins - 31st January 2003

Trawlers blamed for dolphin deaths - 30th January 2003

Net ban to save the dolphins - 30th January 2003

Prestige tanker to spill thousands more tonnes of toxic fuel - 30th January 2003

Outcome of the Fisheries Council of 27/28 January 2003 - published 29th January 2003

Norway Draugen oilfield leaks oil far from coast - 29th January 2003

New European Constitution may erase eco-progress - 29th January 2003

Navy intercepts boat with dolphin carcasses, shark fins - 29th January 2003

Tuna companies say no change in fishing practices - 28th January 2003

WWF challenges Danish sand eel fishery on cod bycatch grounds - 28th January 2003

Prince William Sound orcas may warrant protection - 28th January 2003

NFI Supports FAO Eco-Labeling For Seafood as MSC Influence Grows - 27th January 2003

Belgian coast faces oil disaster from sunken cargo ship - 27th January 2003

Dead sperm whale had head injuries - 27th January 2003

Eye concerns prompt additive action - 27th January 2003

Commission decides new rules on colouring feed additive - 27th January 2003

European water pollutants list delayed one year - 27th January 2003

First Minister Jack McConnell is jeered in fish demonstration - 27th January 2003

Mercury and PCBs threaten ecology of the Pinelands - 27th January 2003

Consumers urged to help save cod stocks - 27th January 2003

Wounded whales given fifty to fifty chance - 26th January 2003

Judge bars use of experimental sonar in tracking gray whales - 25th January 2003

Preparation Agriculture/Fisheries Council of January 2003

US Judge blocks research project to track whales - 24th January 2003

Lifeline thrown to endangered sea turtles - 24th January 2003

Whale washed up dead after suspected boat collision - 24th January 2003

US will help Spain clean up after tanker disaster - 24th January 2003

Fishermen targets in California pelican-killing probe - 23rd JANUARY 2003

Support the current “Dolphin Safe” label - 23rd January 2003

Minister for Fisheries pushes for EU action to protect cetaceans - 23rd January 2003

Jailed Russian journalist freed early - 23rd January 2003

Merger will result in new pelagic giant - 23rd January 2003

Captain found dead as sunken Spanish barge seeps oil - 23rd January 2003

Tragedies rekindle surveillance debate - 23rd January 2003

Euro MPs stand up for dolphins – 23rd January 2003

U.S. to test ocean fish for mercury - 23rd January 2003

UK Parliament - Debate – DOLPHIN BYCATCH - Westminster Hall, 22nd January 2003

Dolphins 'in danger of dying out' – 22nd January 2003

California lawsuit seeks mercury warning label for stores' fish - 22nd January 2003

Archaeologists unearth new species of ancient dolphin in Otago - 22nd January 2003

Oil Barge Sinks in Gibraltar - 21st January 2003

A Larger Europe Will Be a Greener Europe - 21st January 2003

Shark Populations Plunge in North Atlantic - 21st January 2003

Little-known whale dies after stranding on Waiheke Island - 21st January 2003

Whale watchers appreciate orcas in wild, not aquariums - 19th January 2003

Dolphin slaughter hits new heights - 19th January 2003

Atlantic sharks decimated by fishing - 16th January 2003

Politician urges action to halt dolphin deaths - 16th January 2003

Right whale found entangled off the coast of Florida - 15th January 2003

Nature Protection Minister Elliot Morley to toughen action against illegal wildlife traders - 15th January 2003

Transgenic fish proves a regulatory riddle- January 15, 2003

France faces EU court blow over information - 14th January 2003

The Mexican tuna industry should not be allowed to use Dolphin Safe seals of approval - 14th January 2003

False killer whale mass stranding in Spain - 13th Jan 2003

Dolphins die in nets despite pledge to save them - 10th January 2003

Agreement protects dolphins pending preliminary injunction hearing - 9th January 2003

Federal judge halts sonar testing that disorients gray whales - 9th January 2003

Two Scientists Contend U.S. Suppressed Dolphin Studies - 8th January 2003

Seas of Change - Consultation Paper (follow-up to Safeguarding Our Seas) - - Marine index

Animal groups seek temporary restraining order in US Federal District Court - 8th January 2003

response to an individual’s e-mail question regarding level of cetacean bycatch - 7th January 2002

Government’s green agency invests millions in companies that pollute - 7th January 2003

Baby whale dies in Rockaways, New York State- 7th January 2003

Ailing dolphin euthanized after it could not swim - 7th January 2003

Commission acts to guarantee EU shoppers' rights: infringement proceedings against 8 Member States - 6th January 2003

US Changes meaning of “Dolphin safe” tuna label - 6th January 2003

French win reprieve as Scots ports suffer - 4th January 2003

Scallop fishermen dredge up court challenge - 3rd January 2003

US Government sued over dolphin safe labelling - 3rd January 2003

Toxic fish from Baltic make it to Australian shores - 2nd January 2003

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