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Man's impact on marine species

Animals go to War - Extract from "The Rose-Tinted Menagerie"

Military SONAR - A threat to whales?  - link to Guardian Interactive Guide

Seabed environmental damage caused by trawling operations

Bycatch - The hidden cost of bottom trawling (link to Greenpeace NZ)

How to buy fish with a clear conscience - 13th March 2006

Fishing deeper and changing bait reduces turtle bycatch – 9th March 2006

Scientist warns of threat to last stronghold of endangered turtle -  8th March 2006

Public outraged at assault on sea turtle protections - 3rd March 2006

Washington State's Puget Sound orcas get highest protection - 16th February 2006

New Zealand calls for urgent action on high seas bottom trawling - 14th February 2006

World's largest EEZ marine conservation measure proposed - 14th February 2006

METRO Group, world’s 3rd largest retailer actively promotes sustainable fishery – 13th February 2006

Have your say on the future of seafish – 10th February 2006

Research to save dolphins - 9th February 2006

Greenpeace tells companies behind whale hunt, whaling is bad for business - 3rd February 2006

London’s whale: Conservation aid?  - 23rd January 2006

Detective work needed on which nets kill dolphins - 23rd January 2006

Rescuers ready for Thames whale - 20th January 2006

Whale spotted in central London  - 20th January 2006

Dolphin carnage returns to coast  - 17th January 2006

Dolphin slaughter begins again - 16th January 2006

21 dolphins washed up on beaches – 16th January 2006

Legal action against UK over insufficient cetacean protection - 20th December 2005

Trawlermen fined for quota scam - 2nd December 2005

NOAA lists Puget Sound orcas as endangered - 15th November 2005

Illegal traders have £1m assets seized - 18th October 2005

EU survey reveals consumers willing to pay more for better animal welfare – 8th June 2005

Prevention of Cetacean Bycatch WWF Runner Up Award - 21st April 2005

Winners of international competition to reduce marine bycatch announced - 21st April 2005

Dolphin corpses found near trawlers - 15th March 2005

Our dying sea - 8th December 2004

Turning the Tide- Addressing the impact of fisheries in the marine environment - 7th December 2004

Charles warns of over-fishing 'Catastrophe' - 6th December 2004

Cold-blooded slaughter - 1st December 2004

Whale and dolphin strandings fit predictions  - 1st December 2004

Call for bass boycott after dolphin death  - 30th November 2004

Caribbean sea turtles close to extinction - 28th November 2004

EU sabotages protection of deep sea coral - 22nd November 2004

Scientists demand an end to 'green' longline fishing - 21st November 2004

Fisheries 'facing oblivion' - 20th November 2004

Dolphin carcass signals start of winter carnage - 19th November 2004

EU, Russia ban some trawling in Northern Atlantic  - 18th November 2004

Finding no fish, Ghanaians turn to bushmeat - 15th November 2004

US study links more than 200 diseases to pollution - 14th November 2004

More dolphins die in same trawler’s net - 13th November 2004

Action pledge to 'save dolphins'  - 13th November 2004

How dead zones affect fish reproduction - 13th November 2004

Protecting cetaceans from the harmful effects of man-made ocean noise - 12th November 2004

Minister reduces limit for New Zealand sea lion deaths - 12th November 2004

Satellite trace finds birds' danger spots  - 12th November 2004

Where seabirds tangle with fishers - albatross and longlines - 11th November 2004

Meltdown Arctic wildlife is on the brink of catastrophe - 11th November 2004

Taiji’s brutal dolphin drive hunt begins again - 9th November 2004

Seal cull blamed on fishermen - 7th November 2004

Fishermen accused of young seal slaughter - 6th November 2004

Marine Mammal Center's dreams come true - 6th November 2004

Scientists puzzled by dead dolphins in Mauritania  - 21st June 2004

Non-complying Hoki fishery may lose certification - 20th June 2004

Turtle watch on Florida’s beaches - 20th June 2004

Death nets of Arnhem Land - 19th June 2004

Five basking sharks found dead on coast - 18th June 2004

Cause of dolphin deaths remains elusive - 17th June 2004

Experts say creating ocean nature reserves can solve global fish crisis - 15th June 2004

Killer whales sing longer songs around noisy boats - 13th June 2004

Dozens of dolphins found dead in Mauritania - 11th June 2004

No whale for lunch in Oslo - 10th June 2004

Meeting discusses the increase in dolphin deaths around the coast - 10th June 2004

Changing climate - Britain offer a warm welcome to new varieties of wildlife - 8th June 2004

Corpse of dolphin left at ministry  - 8th June 2004

50 key facts about seas and oceans - 8th June 2004

Coalition seeks UN halt to deep sea destruction - 7th June 2004

Environmentalists seek ban on bottom trawl fishing - 7th June 2004

Havens of newly found marine life under threat  - 5th June 2004

Dying killer whale family wins protection   - 4th June 2004

The threat of a seal cull in Tor Bay has alarmed conservationists - 3rd June 2004

Lobbyist says entire commercial fishery an ecological problem  - 3rd June 2004

Sea turtle standings worst in 15-years - 2nd June 2004

Iceland announces plan to hunt 25 minke whales - 1st June 2004

Is seabird's population rise down to cod's decline? - 1st June 2004

Restaurants & hotels ban sea bass caught by pair trawlers - 31st May 2004

Alaskan orca acoustics study initiated - 30th May 2004

Pollution and land activities threaten our seas - 30th May 2004

Endangered green turtles find safe harbour in Panhandle Bay - 29th May 2004

Fishermen protest against off-shore wind farm plan - 28th May 2004

Beluga whales not recovering as expected - 28th May 2004

Dolphin rescued off Zambales Beach dies - 27th May 2004

Whale protection considered  - 27th May 2004

The dolphin lagoon at the West Edmonton Mall is finally empty - 25th May 2004

Administration considers speed & routing limits to save whales - 25th May 2004

Waste management needed to curb pollution in bay  - 25th May 2004

Sea turtles worth more alive than dead  - 25th May 2004

Indian River Lagoon pollution could trigger human health problems - 24th May 2004

Marine mammals are at risk from human influences - 24th May 2004

Shark net danger to whale migration - 24th May 2004

Unsustainable hoki should lose Marine Stewardship Council accreditation - 23rd May 2004

Marine Corps air station may endanger Okinawa dugong population - 23rd May 2004

Ending the race for the last turtle - 20th May 2004

Pollution kills native crayfish - 18th May 2004

Norway's whale-hunting season opens in Barents Sea - 10th May 2004

New insight on rare Hector’s dolphins - 7th May 2004

Plastic particles surf polluted waves  - 7th May 2004

Friendly fishing still kills dolphins - 4th May 2004

Skippers told to give whales space - 3rd May 2004

Porpoises to be taped underwater - 1st May 2004

Sakhalin sea shelf pipeline construction delayed to avert environmental threat - 30th April 2004  

Beachgoers blamed for 29% increase in UK beach litter - 30th April 2004

Two more dead dolphins found on Florida panhandle beaches - 29th April 2004

EU loophole ‘scandal’ risks dolphins’ lives - 25th April 2004

Immediate measures needed to save oceans - 21st April 2004

Cod retreat from UK as warmer waters lure tuna and sharks - 20th April 2004

Ocean blueprint expected to stir up a storm  - 19th April 2004

Fury over call to cull Scotland's seals - 19th April 2004

Proposed explosive shock trials make waves - 19th April 2004

Oil project is death knell for whales - 17th April 2004

Scientists suspect algal bloom may be cause of sea otter deaths in Morro Bay - 15th April 2004

Sick sea otters washing ashore, domoic acid likely culprit - 15th April 2004

Potential red tide cure may be worse than problem - 15th April 2004

Preventing the collapse of ocean ecosystems by exploitative activities - 14th April 2004

The bloody harvest as biggest seal cull for 50 years begins in Canada - 14th April 2004

Minister to probe bass fishery veto - 13th April 2004

Scripps researchers identify neurotoxin in San Diego seawater – 12th April 2004

Florida Panhandle dolphin die-off appears over, investigation continues - 12th April 2004

Stricter regulations aim to protect marine ecosystems - 12th April 2004

Trinidad & Tobago and the International Whaling Commission (2nd article) - 12th April 2004

Trinidad & Tobago and the International Whaling Commission (1st article) - 11th April 2004

SeaWorld pollution allegations surface after two years - 11th April 2004

Call for action over discarded fish - 11th April 2004

Tangled up in blue, fishing lines imperil northern right whale populations - 9th April 2004

Court decision allows more sea lion killing - 8th April 2004

Seal clubbers out in force as demand for fur booms - 7th April 2004

New blow in bid to save the dolphins - 6th April 2004

Trolling for a market niche, smaller tuna has environmental and health benefits - 4th April 2004

UK finally signs up to save albatross from deadly fishing lines - 4th April 2004

Alarm sounded on narwhal decline - 2nd April 2004

Sea turtles get fishing relief - 1st April 2004

Hope for albatross' survival - 31st March 2004

Australia marks 25 years of anti-whaling - 30th March 2004  

Risk of trawler causing environmental pollution heightens - 29th March 2004

UN agency warns oxygen-starved ‘dead zones’ in seas threaten marine stock  - 29th March 2004

Japanese whaling fleet returns after killing 440 minke whales - 29th March 2004

Monterey Bay Aquarium research reveals threats facing sharks - 29th March 2004

Orissa beaches turn graveyards for turtles - 27th March 2004

Anger at rules to save dolphins - 24th March 2004

EU decides to better protect dolphins - 23rd March 2004

Volunteers fail to save 15-ton sperm whale beached on sandbank - 23rd March 2004

Industrial fishing turns birds to cannibalism - 18th March 2004

Scheme to track rare dolphins hits troubled waters - 11th March 2004

‘Troubled Waters’, a new report, global anti-whaling campaign launched - 9th March 2004

Global anti-whaling campaign launched - 9th March 2004

Protecting the seas - PSCMU may impose minimum tanker standards - 7th March 2004

Human waste from septic tanks is fouling the Peel rivers, Western Australia - 7th March 2004

Dolphins used for shark bait - 6th March 2004

Tesco-owned store sells whale meat in Japan - 3rd March 2004

Satellite tags to save dolphins - 2nd March 2004

Dolphins, US Navy “click” in fighting terrorism - 1st March 2004

Washington State recommends endangered status for Puget Sound orcas - 1st March 2004

Scientists turn to fishermen for in-depth knowledge of the North Sea - 1st March 2004

Lab under fire after latest dolphin death - 27th February 2004

Whale researchers unveil new technology - 26th February 2004

Nine dolphins washed up on local Dorset (UK) beaches - 24th February 2004

Seals and dolphins wash up on Mexican beach - 24th February 2004

Dolphins in net danger - 23rd February 2004

Fight goes on to save the whales - 21st February 2004

New-born porpoise caught in trawler net - 19th February 2004

(Dead) dolphin watching in English Channel - 19th February 2004

Small birds lose out in North Sea pecking order - 19th February 2004

Global warming threatens coral reefs - 16th February 2004

The Derwent, 200 years of destruction, toxin damaged Tasmanian ecosystem - 15th  February 2004

More than 50% of world's coral reefs at risk - 15th February 2004

Sharks suffer population crash - 12th February 2004