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Man's impact on marine species
Archive (July 1989 to December 2003)

More dolphins fall victim to UK trawlers - 15th December 2003

Keiko the 'Free Willy' whale dies - 13th December 2003

Sea turtle deaths hit record high in region - 9th December 2003

Biodiversity Strategy report a wake-up call for NZ - 4th December 2003

'The cruellest marine mammal hunt in the world - 1st December 2003

International Coalition calls for immediate UN Moratorium - 24th November 2003

Norway urged to reject oil plans - 22nd November 2003

WWF warns of dolphin slaughter in Mediterranean - 21st November 2003

Illegal driftnets continue to kill thousands of dolphins - 19th November 2003

Rumsfeld defends use of sonar to Okinawans - 17th November 2003

Annan calls for environmental protection on Galapagos visit - 9th November 2003

Pilot whale family mercilessly slaughtered at Taiji - 8th November 2003

International Day of Protest against Japanese dolphin slaughter – posted 3rd November 2003

UK protest against continued dolphin slaughter - posted 3rd November 2003

Activists film bloody dolphin kill in Taiji, Japan - posted 31st October 2003

Dolphin massacre turns sea blood red - 29th October 2003

Money to move lonely orca could come soon - 25th October 2003

Algae biotoxin studied in July whale deaths - 23rd October 2003

Activists demand release of dolphins from aquarium - 23rd October 2003

Marine Park denies wrongdoing over dolphin’s captive conditions - 22nd October 2003

In Cancún, a war over dolphins - 22nd October 2003

Mexico to transfer dolphins from park after 4 die - 20th October 2003

Ices advises zero catches of cod and other fish stocks - 20th October 2003

North Sea faces collapse of its ecosystem - 19th October 2003

Dumped dead fish are marine pollutant - 18th October 2003

Fin whale found dead in River Elbe at Hamburg - 16th October 2003

Dead dolphins reported in Kaipara may have starved - 15th October 2003

Graphic evidence of whale's near miss - 12th October 2003

Trapped in an underwater hell, Mexico pressed to free dolphins - 12th October 203

"Deep Trouble" -The Gulf in Peril - Naples Daily News 15 part series
includes video sequences posted 28th September to 12th October 2003

Military sonar systems linked to whale deaths - 10th October 2003

Whale deaths linked to the bends - 9th October 2003

Navy sonars blamed for beached whales - 9th October 2003

Sonar implicated in gas bubble lesions found in stranded cetaceans - 9th October 2003

Was sonar responsible for whale deaths after an Atlantic military exercise? (pdf 116KB)- 9th October 2003

Scientists split over regulations on sonar use - 9th October 2003

Navy sonar affecting whales - 8th October 2003

Humpback whale burial at Seven Mile Beach, Australia - 8th October 2003

Military SONAR may give whales the bends, study says - 8th October 2003

Military sonar may give whales the bends - 8th October 2003

Ministers plan allows more sea lion deaths - 7th October 2003

Sea Shepherd exposes dolphin slaughter - 6th October 2003

Controversy swirls around dolphins - 5th October 2003

Fishing method eyed in mammals’ deaths - 4th October 2003

Latest deaths of whales add to the mystery - 4th October 2003

Lonely whale off Canada to get family reunion - 3rd October 2003

New chemicals in Arctic’s toxic stew - 1st October 2003

Outrage as first orca is captured in Russian waters - 1st October 2003

Alarm over acidifying oceans - 25th September 2003

Hearing will explore effects of Navy sonar on marine life - 25th September 2003

Whaling may have decimated seal, sea lion, and sea otter populations- 23rd September 2003

Memorial to Jane Tipson - - 21st September 2003

Canada mulls family reunion for killer whale - 19th September 2003

Florida organization offers to take dolphin - 19th September 2003

Temperature rise destroys Indian Ocean surface coral - 18th September 2003

Overfishing could spell the end of caviar- 18th September 2003

Ocean plant life slows down and absorbs less carbon - 17th September 2003

Assassination of Jane Tipson - 16th September 2003

Dolphin psychology may be similar to humans' - 15th September 2003

Anchovies, a wasted resource - 15th September 2003

New South Wales to provide special protection for albino humpback - 14th September 2003

JNCC recommends “Set aside fifth of Irish Sea for nature”- 14th September 2003

Inspectors threatening to close Seaquarium - 13th September 2003

Deadly debate for dolphins: To kill them or let them be - 11th September 2003

Very low-frequency or Infrasound shown to produce weird sensations - 7th September 2003

Death of captive dolphins sparks animal rights movement - 31st August 2003

Anchovies abandon Bay of Biscay for warm British waters - 30th August 2003

Trawlers threaten ocean’s biodiversity - 30th August 2003

Toothfish saga highlights plight of world fisheries - 27th August 2003

Federal Court restricts global deployment of Navy sonar - 26th August 2003

Cod logic - scientific fish stock control or economic suicide? - 22nd August 2003

Mexico halts importing of Solomons’ dolphins - 22nd August 2003

Captivity an option for orca “Luna” says Canada’s Dept of Fisheries & Oceans - 21st August 2003

RSPCA urge boycott of Icelandic fish after whale kill - 21st August 2003

White wonder, Migaloo, appears none the worse for collision - 21st August 2003

Icelandic whalers give media the slip - 21st August 2003

Dozens of dead dolphins wash up on Mexico coast - 20th August 2003

Dolphin meat eaters in France? - 20th August 2003

Search finds white whale - 20th August 2003

Iceland hunters kill first whale for 14 years - 19th August 2003

Whale of a fine so watch out if you get too close!- 19th August 2003

White humpback whale hit by yacht - 19th August 2003

Iceland kills first whale stirring international outrage - 18th August 2003

War over dolphins - 17th August 2003

New Zealand Ministry of Fisheries plans to allow more sea lion killing - 17th August 2003

Iceland's whale fleet sails into storm of protest - 16th August 2003

Coral reefs doomed, overfishing is killing ecosystems - 16th August 2003

Bad weather conditions have prevented Icelandic whaling resumption - 16th August 2003

Protest over Iceland's whaling plans - 15th August 2003

Coral reefs “will die in decades” unless protected - 15th August 2003

Albatross left for dead - 14th August 2003

Humane Society of the U.S. pushes for import sanctions against Iceland - 14th August 2003

Open letter from signatory conservation and animal welfare organisations opposing Solomon Islands dolphin capture and exports – 13th August 2003

Australia acts to combat effects of marine debris on wildlife – 13th August 2003

Whaling & eco-sensitive issues, advice from Commissioner Fischler to Iceland - 11th August 2003

Fischler objects to Iceland resumption of whaling - 11th August 2003

Search for whale is abandoned - 9th August 2003

Hopes to resume search for entangled whale - 9th August 2003

launches consultation on extending Habitats and Birds Directive - 6th August 2003

Iceland to resume whaling - 6th August 2003

Whale still caught in net - 5th August 2003

Fresh bid to free trapped whale from trawl net- 5th August 2003

Toxic algae suspected cause of humback deaths - 4th August 2003

UN to compile online global atlas of sea mammals - 3rd August 2003

Researchers in Melbourne net dolphins for health probe - 3rd August 2003

Illegal driftnetting off the Island of Ischia - (posted) 2nd August 2003

Conservation as the catch of the day for trawl nets - 31st July 2003

Solomon Islands’ fresh capture of dolphins - 31st July 2003

Has the sea given up its bounty? - 30th July 2003

Dolphin dies after flight to Mexico - 30th July 2003

Madagascar’s Marine World - Magical but Fragile - 29th July 2003

Catch Zero - Marine ecosystems face a deepening crisis - 26th July 2003

Sea-Friendly Eating - 26th July 2003

Police investigate mystery deaths of 48 dolphins - 26th July 2003

Research claims staggering drop in number of whales - 25th July 2003

Grief possibly killed dolphin; PM fails to determine Mall dolphin’s cause of death - 25th July 2003

Expert says Edmonton Mall should review dolphin program - 24th July 2003

Death of Mavis leaves Howard blue in lagoon - 24th July 2003

Mexican aquatic park allows inspection - 24th July 2003

Captured Solomon Island dolphins swim at the Nizuc Aquatic Park - 24th July 2003

Row over dolphin export becomes explosive - 24th July 2003

Dolphin trade killing reef, warn villagers - 24th July 2003

Fisheries: Commission acts to protect dolphins and porpoises - 24th July 2003

EU plans for dolphin-friendly Baltic - 23rd July 2003

Solomons row over dolphins - 21st July 2003

Dolphin guards set upon film crew - 21st July 2003

Rainforests of the sea ravaged by overfishing and pollution - 18th July 2003

Rare dolphin washed up on beach - 16th July 2003

Rescue team saves Twinkle - again - 15th July 2003

Canadian official accused of beating an orca whale- 15th July 2003

Documentary stirs movement to release Seaquarium's killer whale - 14th July 2003

Largest ever capture of dolphins discovered and what you can do about it! - 11th July 2003

Seismological research project will likely injure or kill marine mammals - 8th July 2003

Mauritanian beaches full of dead dolphins - 1st July 2003

Bycatch causes mass deaths of dolphins and turtles - 20th June 2003

Whales seen safer after Berlin whaling summit - 20th June 2003

Whale watchers demand voice at world whaling body - 20th June 2003

Dead porpoises disrupt Berlin whaling meeting - 20th June 2003

Why dolphins aren't deaf - 19th June 2003

Bycatch porpoises delivered to IWC in Berlin - 19th June 2003

Whales win no sanctuary from acrimonious Commission - 19th June 2003

Why dolphins get trapped in nets - 18th June 2003

Diver lost trying to free trapped whale - 17th June 2003

Dolphin dies after being rescued in Galveston - 17th June 2003

Nearly 1,000 whales drowning daily in fishing nets: study - 15th June 2003

Species and ecosystem extinction; a direct consequence of human presence - 5th June 2003

Look - but please don’t touch - 5th June 2003

Upcoming reports link human well-being and nature - 5th June 2003

Coastal Waters: A Pattern of Distress - posted 4th June 2003

Two arrested for selling dolphin meat for human consumption - 3rd June 2003

UN Informal Consultative Process on Oceans and Law of Sea - 2nd June 2003

Biologist says whale killed by ship - 29th May 2003

Activists sue U.S. over orcas' status - 29th May 2003

Man-made chemicals are causing serious problems for wild animals - 29th May 2003

What REALLY happens to dolphins in the Mexican tuna fisheries - posted 28th May 2003

Icelanders to resume hunting for whales - 27th May 2003

Oceans in peril, seas polluted and fish stocks in decline - 27th May 2003

Conservationists say manatee should stay on Florida’s endangered list- 27th May 2003

UK launches environment fund for eastern Europe - 26th May 2003

Why dolphins are paying the price of your sea bass dinner - 25th May 2003

Illegal dealer of dolphin meat caught in the act in Lima, Peru - 24th May 2003

Grave risk to humans from loss of species - extinction rates threaten our survival – 22 May 2003

Woman nets fine for petting killer whale - 22nd May 2003

Marine Stewardship Council's approvals "strain the organisation's credibility" - 21st May 2003

Eco soundings - Controversial approvals strain MSC credibility - 21st May 2003

SeaWorld sells six sea lion pups to Navy - 20th May 2003

MCBI reports that fishing gear causes severe damage to marine environment - posted 19th May

The First International Baltic Harbour Porpoise Day - 19th May 2003

Indiscriminate Slaughter at Sea - Posted 18th May 2003

Marine Stewardship Council under fire - In deep trouble, we need a sure-fire way to stop fish being hunted to extinction - 17th May 2003

Marine Stewardship Council under fire - Old men of the sea have all but gone - 17th May 2003

Marine Stewardship Council under fire - Can ocean friendly labels save dwindling stocks? -17th May 2003

The dead sea cells - industrialised greed ends harvest of the deep - 17th May 2003

International Day of the Baltic Harbour Porpoise - 17th May 2003 - posted 15th May 2003

Puget Sound porpoise deaths probed - 16th May 2003

River dolphins could die out in 10 years - 14th May 2003

Great fish going the way of the dinosaurs - 14th May 2003

Small cetacean species may not survive another decade - 14th May 2003

Ocean's great fish all but gone - 14th May 2003

15th Report of the Scientific, Technical, and Economic Committee for Fisheries -Commission Staff Working Paper - SEC(2003)550 - November 2002 - pub - 12th May 2003 - pdf - 552KB

Seaquarium protesters say: let Lolita go! - 12th May 2003

US Navy Sonar blasts Pacific Northwest killer whales - 12th May 2003

Fishing leader wants seal cull to protect cod stocks - 12th May 2003

Two Spaniards held in Senegal over capture of dolphins - 8th May 2003

Poachers in Peru still killing dolphins - 28th April 2003

Dolphins dying in tuna nets - screen captures of undercover video

Stripping the oceans to feed cats - 20th April 2003

UK skippers earn accreditation for wildlife viewing - 17th April 2003

More than 3000 dolphins per year are killed in Peru - 10th April 2003

Another killer whale slaughter in Greenland - 8th April 2003

Solomon Islanders slaughter 51 beached whales - 8th April 2003

For £118 a dolphin dies - 1st April 2003

Takoma the dolphin goes AWOL - 29th March 2003

Dolphins have no peer when it comes to finding mines - 28th March 2003

Airship based sensors tracking right whales - 27th March 2003

Trained dolphins assist in mine location - 27th March 2003

Dolphins did not volunteer for war animal rights activists say - 27th March 2003

Cut fishing to save dolphins - 26th March 2003

Dolphins used to clear Iraq's only port for humanitarian shipments - 26th March 2003

Effects of oil on seals and other marine mammals - posted on 26th March 2003

U.S. enlists dolphins to aid war effort - 25th March 2003

Weakening of the Dolphin Safe tuna label - Sam LaBudde footage narrated by Bill Snape - March 2003

Stop the dolphin imports - 23rd March 2003

Future of marine mammals under spotlight - 20th March 2003

Nets threaten to wipe out dolphins - 16th March 2003

Video footage of dolphins deaths in tuna purse seine nets - KRON4 -12th March 2003

Dolphin killed by explosives used for fishing - 12th March 2003

Mangrove ecosystem endangered as forests are converted to aquaculture - posted 9th March 2003

Secret weapon - the deployment of “marine mammal systems” - 8th March 2003

Nova Scotia oil test plan draws ire - 7th March 2003

Alaska damaged by past oil production - 5th March 2003

The vaquita (IUCN Red list assessed in 1996) still critically endangered - posted 25th February 2003

Ocean crisis caused by destructive fishing - 18th February 2003

Stop the slaughter of Harp seals in Canada - 18th February 2003

Human race is killing planet, says Meacher - 14th February 2003

Canada's Three Year Seal Hunt Quota Near a Million - 14th February 2003

Impacts of ocean noise called ill defined - 13th February 2003

Loss of top predators a disturbing trend - 11th February 2003

French bass fishing blamed for increase in dolphin deaths - 11th February 2003

Please help to stop the killing of dolphins for human consumption in Peru -9th February 2003

Fishermen slaughter dolphins in front of shocked witnesses - 8th February 2003

The killing of dolphins for human consumption - posted 8th February 2003

Trawlers blamed for dolphin deaths - 30th January 2003

Prince William Sound orcas may warrant protection - 28th January 2003

Fewer belugas seen in June count - 27th January 2003

Dead sperm whale had head injuries - 27th January 2003

Euro MPs stand up for dolphins – 23rd January 2003

Dolphins 'in danger of dying out' – 22nd January 2003

Little-known whale dies after stranding on Waiheke Island - 21st January 2003

Island test site now in high gear - 20th January 2003

Dolphin slaughter hits new heights - 19th January 2003

Eight Dolphins of the Virgin Mary

Encounters with Dolphins: A Call for Peace Between Species - January 2003

The Mexican tuna industry should not be allowed to use Dolphin Safe seals of approval - 14th January 2003

Rare Asian dolphin threatened by human activities - Link to WDCS/WCS article - 14th January 2003

Agreement protects dolphins pending preliminary injunction hearing - 9th January 2003

Animal groups seek temporary restraining order in US Federal District Court - 8th January 2003

Toxic fish from Baltic make it to Australian shores - 2nd January 2003

Endangered whales win right of way 20th December 2002

Beyond the limits of sustainable growth - Earth on the market - December 2002

Japan starts sales of whale meat caught in research studies 17th December 2002

MSC Hoki appeal shows fishery should never have been certified 16th December 2002

The Mystery of the Killing Sound

Report finds changes in the reproductive health of some marine mammals in the UK

Swedish herring delivered to Australian tuna farms - 11th December 2002

U.S. Agency finds tuna still deadly to dolphins 6th December 2002

Slaughter by Japanese Antarctic whaling fleet continues despite IWC’s repeated requests

Oil slick affects hundreds of birds 5th December 2002

Dead Dolphin Covered With Fuel Oil is Taken Away by Environment Workes - 3rd December 2002

Group says beaked whales at risk - 30th November 2002

Endangered Orcas threatened by proposed pipeline 14th November 2002

Scotland's dolphins driven to attack scientists in desperate hunt for food - 12th November 2002

Death knell - Naval SONAR / LFAS implicated in whale deaths - 30th October 2002

Whales caught in the politics of netting - 7th October 2002

Oil leak kills seabirds 5th October 2002

Earth Island Institute releases secret US Government report showing dolphin slaughter in tuna nets continues

Tuna - DOLPHIN WARS - Summer 2002

Environmental Impacts of Aquaculture - Courtesy Scottish Executive

Are bottlenose dolphins starving in eastern Ionian Greece?

Displacement of Orca - pdf

British fishing industry threatens rare dolphins - 16th July 2002

Only white dolphin in captivity dies in Central China - 15th July 2002

Ireland needs dolphin census - 8th July 2002

Galapagos dolphins die tangled in fishing nets - 6th June 2002

SMRU Report “Observations in the bass pair trawl fishery in the Channel January to March 2001” - MS Word Download 418KB- pub May 2002

New Zealnd Sea Lion Autopsy Findings 2001/2002

More than 40 dead dolphins found in farm freezer - 15th May 2002

Scottish-bound killer whales 'illegally slaughtered' - 24th February 2002

Habitat Loss and Degradation - Abstract courtesy Hebridean Whale and Dolphin Trust

Marine Mammals and Aquaculture: Conflicts and Potential Resolutions - 2002 - Würzig and Gailey pdf

Pollution blamed for cancer ravaging Quebecs whales - February 2002

Dolphin carcasses autopsied at Massey University - 1st February 2002

Rare dolphins threatened by trawlers - 31st January 2002

Displacement of Orca by High Amplitude Sound ~ Morton A.B. & Symonds H.K. - 31st October 2001 - pdf-275kB

Experts baffled as dolphins forsake Moray for the Firth of Forth - 3rd October 2001

Dolphins find mine-clearing role - 31st March 2001

Cetacean Conservation in the Hebrides - February 2000- Shrimpton & Parsons pdf pp43-52

Report of the Workshop on Interactions Between Dolphins and Fisheries in the Mediterranean - Evaluation of Mitigation Alternatives pdf pp11-21 & data tables

Marine mammal population dynamics and trophic interactions ~ ICES CM 2001/ ACE: 01)

Rescuing the RIGHT tells the story of endangered North Atlantic right whales and efforts to protect them from extinction - The Providence Journal ~ Spring & Summer 2000

Cetacean Strandings Investigations - England and Wales - 12th June 1995 ~ 31st March 2000 - 92KB pdf

Cetacean Strandings Investigations - Scotland - 15th November 2000 - 1MB pdf

Keeping the Kingdom - Taipei Review - June 2000

Dolphin mortalities in tuna feedlots near Port Lincoln, South Australia - Spring 2000

Marine mammal population dynamics and trophic interactions ICES CM 1999/G:3 Ref. ACFM, ACME, E

The Destruction of dolphins by Kenneth Brower - July 1989

Man's impact on marine mammals