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Military SONAR - A threat to whales?  - link to Guardian Interactive Guide

Report for Congress - Active Military Sonar and Marine Mammals: Events and References Updated 3rd November 2005- pdf 69KB

Impact of Sonar on Cetaceans (Ices Ad-Hoc Group) - June 2005 - pdf.1.4MB

ICES Answer to DG Environment request on scientific information concerning impact of sonar activities on cetacean populations - February 2005 - pdf 52KB

One fish, two fish: New sensor improves fish counts - 2nd February  2006

Protecting cetaceans from the harmful effects of man-made ocean noise - 12th November 2004

Pingers used to divert porpoises from underwater construction work - 2nd November 2004

European Parliament calls for halt to high intensity naval sonar use - 28th October 2004

Seaflow works to make the oceans quieter and safer for marine creatures - 8th October 2004

Royal Navy admits SONAR 2087 is a potential whale killer - 28th September 2004

Whales at risk in sonar sea exercises  - 8th August 2004

Navy sonar exercises under fire over potential effects on whales - 12th July 2004

Scientists listen to whale hearing using hydrophones - 25th June 2004

Alaskan orca acoustics study initiated - 30th May 2004

Marine mammals are at risk from human influences - 24th May 2004

Beached sperm whale dies on sand bank - 22nd March 2004

Volunteers postpone rescue efforts - 21st March 2004

Harbor porpoise strandings & USS Shoup SONAR (preliminary report) -  9th February 2004  

Experimental sonar sparks whales debate - 2nd February 2004

Seismic link possible in marine decline - 17th January 2004

Rumsfeld defends use of sonar to Okinawans - 17th November 2003

Military sonar systems linked to whale deaths - 10th October 2003

Whale deaths linked to the bends - 9th October 2003

Stop the Navy noise - Earth Island Institute's campaign to stop further exemptions military exemptions from federal laws - posted 11th May 2003

Tiny bubbles and military sonars give cetaceans "the bends" - April 2003

Secret weapon - the deployment of “marine mammal systems” - 8th March 2003

Impacts of ocean noise called ill defined - 13th February 2003

Baird’s beaked whale stranded at La Push - draft report 2nd February 2003

Judge bars use of experimental sonar in tracking gray whales - 25th January 2003  

US Judge blocks research project to track whales - 24th January 2003

Euro MPs stand up for dolphins – 23rd January 2003

"Sonar Victims" Transcript of SBS Australia DATELINE programme - 22nd January 2003

Federal judge halts sonar testing that disorients gray whales - 9th January 2003

Animal groups seek temporary restraining order in US Federal District Court - 8th January 2003

The California Gray Whales need immediate help

The Mystery of the Killing Sound 8th December 2002

Group says beaked whales at risk - 30th November 2002

Controversial Navy Sonar Cleared for Limited Testing - 18th November 2002

Death knell - Naval SONAR / LFAS implicated in whale deaths - 30th October 2002

More science needed on ocean noise - 10th March 2002

Giving whales and dolphins 'the bends' - 17 December  2001

Displacement of Orca by High Amplitude Sound ~ Morton A.B. & Symonds H.K. - 31st October 2001 - pdf-275kB

Sea Animals and Sound by Michael Stocker - 2nd March 2001

Beneath the Silent Sea by Michael Stocker - September 2000

Noisy neighbourhood changes whale song - 22 June  2000