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“Lethal Sounds” - link to Natural Resources Defense Council video

Protecting Whales from Dangerous Sonar - link to Natural Resources Defense Council video

Whale is beached at seaside town – 15th February 2006

Greenpeace tells companies behind whale hunt, whaling is bad for business - 3rd February 2006

Stranded whale dies on mud bank - 2nd February 2006

Thames bottlenose whale died from multiple causes - 25th January 2006

Bradshaw challenges world to improve its ocean management - 25th January 2006

London’s whale: Conservation aid?  - 23rd January 2006

Euro MP blames UK Government for Thames bottlenose whale death - 23rd January 2006

Detective work needed on which nets kill dolphins - 23rd January 2006

Rescuers ready for Thames whale - 20th January 2006

Whale spotted in central London  - 20th January 2006

Legal action against UK over insufficient cetacean protection - 20th December 2005

Cold-blooded slaughter - 1st December 2004

Whale and dolphin strandings fit predictions  - 1st December 2004

Australian rescuers confident of saving second pod - 30th November 2004

Dozens of whales die after New Zealand stranding  - 30th November 2004

Tasmania - whales and dolphins strand on Island's death beach  - 29th November 2004

Marine Mammal Center's dreams come true - 6th November 2004

Antarctic wildlife facing food shortages - 5th November 2004

Seals face starvation as krill disappears - 4th November 2004

Activists and fishermen begin whale action - 23rd September 2004

Ecologists push shift from whaling to whale-watching - 5th July 2004

Scientists listen to whale hearing using hydrophones - 25th June 2004

No whale for lunch in Oslo - 10th June 2004

Bond star launches whale research ship - 6th June 2004

Iceland announces plan to hunt 25 minke whales - 1st June 2004

Whale protection considered  - 27th May 2004

Administration considers speed & routing limits to save whales - 25th May 2004

Shark net danger to whale migration - 24th May 2004

Whale flippers may improve airplane wing design - 10th May 2004

Norway's whale-hunting season opens in Barents Sea - 10th May 2004

Skippers told to give whales space - 3rd May 2004

Sakhalin sea shelf pipeline construction delayed to avert environmental threat - 30th April 2004

Oil project is death knell for whales - 17th April 2004

Scientists split over regulations on sonar use - 9th October 2003

Navy sonar affecting whales - 8th October 2003

Humpback whale burial at Seven Mile Beach, Australia - 8th October 2003

Military SONAR may give whales the bends, study says - 8th October 2003

Military sonar may give whales the bends - 8th October 2003

Fishing method eyed in mammals’ deaths - 4th October 2003

Latest deaths of whales add to the mystery - 4th October 2003

Man questioned in Australia over mutilated whale carcass - 29th September 2003

Sperm whales stranded on Western Australia reef - 25th September 2003

Whaling may have decimated seal, sea lion, and sea otter populations - 23rd September 2003

Memorial to Jane Tipson - - 21st September 2003

Briton “murdered over Caribbean dolphin trade” - 19th September 2003

Assassination of Jane Tipson - 16th September 2003

New South Wales to provide special protection for albino humpback - 14th September 2003

Very low-frequency or Infrasound shown to produce weird sensations - 7th September 2003

Extreme tides strand dozens of belugas in Turnagain Arm - Alaska - 29th August 2003

Cod logic - scientific fish stock control or economic suicide? - 22nd August 2003

White wonder, Migaloo, appears none the worse for collision - 21st August 2003

RSPCA urge boycott of Icelandic fish after whale kill - 21st August 2003

Dead whale samples reveal little information - 21st August 2003

Icelandic whalers give media the slip - 21st August 2003

Search finds white whale - 20th August 2003

Iceland hunters kill first whale for 14 years - 19th August 2003

Whale of a fine so watch out if you get too close!- 19th August 2003

Fischler objects to Iceland resumption of whaling - 11th August 2003

Search for whale is abandoned - 9th August 2003

Hopes to resume search for entangled whale - 9th August 2003

Iceland to resume whaling - 6th August 2003

Dangerous whale site warning - 5th August 2003

Whale still caught in net - 5th August 2003

Fresh bid to free trapped whale - 5th August 2003

Scientists probe death of whales - 5th August 2003

Toxic algae suspected cause of humback deaths - 4th August 2003

UN to compile online global atlas of sea mammals - 3rd August 2003

Gulf of Maine whale deaths raising fears of toxic algae - 2nd August 2003

Research claims staggering drop in number of whales - 25th July 2003

Blood on the waves - 9th July 2003

Seismological research project will likely injure or kill marine mammals - 8th July 2003

Whales seen safer after Berlin whaling summit - 20th June 2003

Whale watchers demand voice at world whaling body - 20th June 2003

Dead porpoises disrupt Berlin whaling meeting - 20th June 2003

Whales win no sanctuary from acrimonious Commission - 19th June 2003

Bycatch porpoises delivered to IWC in Berlin - 19th June 2003

Why dolphins aren't deaf  - 19th June 2003

Look - but please don’t touch - 5th June 2003

Icelanders to resume hunting for whales - 27th May 2003

Distraught Algerians flock to see whale - 26th May2003

Brazil and Argentina seek Atlantic whale sanctuary - 16th May 2003

Whalers furious about PCB and dioxin controversy  - 12th May 2003

Vets study rare whales -  2nd May 2003

Canada lists Atlantic Cod as endangered - 2nd May 2003

Whale-sized interest in giant mammal on beach - 23rd April 2003

Airship Whale Search Network -{Video clips, location maps, sightings & activities of Right whales} - posted 23rd April 2003

Seven stranded whales in Florida being rehabilitated - 20th April 2003

Stranded whales in peril - 19th April 2003

Humpback attacked by sharks off Mokule'ia - 11th April 2003

The Iceland Tourist Industry Association strengthens stand against whaling - 9th April 2003

Solomon Islanders slaughter 51 beached whales - 8th April 2003

Japan whaling fleet kills 400 minkes - 2nd April 2003

Stranded sperm whale dies - 27th March 2003

Airship based sensors tracking right whales - 27th March 2003

Beached whale dies on South Beach - 20th March 2003

Whale dies after being stranded on beach - 18th March 2003

Fiji joins South Pacific countries in protecting whales - 14th March 2003

Iceland sets out plan to resume whaling - 13th March 2003

Rare Whales Rock Up At Walvis - 7th March 2003

Rare whales death mystery - 18th February 2003

Federal Appeals Court bars Makah tribe from whaling - 14th February 2003

Australia Acts to Stop Iceland from Whaling - 12th February 2003

Shell-led Sakhalin-2 to spend $5 million on whale research - 30th January 2003

Fewer belugas seen in June count - 27th January 2003

Scientists eavesdrop on whales - 16th January 2003

Beached whale one of world's rarest - 26th Decenber 2002

Endangered whales win right of way 20th December 2002

Japan starts sales of whale meat caught in research studies 17th December 2002

Whale meat back on Osaka school lunch menus - 30th November 2002

Death knell - Naval SONAR / LFAS implicated in whale deaths - 30th October 2002

Lost in the shallows, whales refuse rescue - 1st August 2002

Whale meat on sale at Icelandic supermarket chain 23rd July 2002

Record numbers of humpback whales off Australia - 19th July 2002

Whale numbers lower than anticipated - 21st May 2002

Speedy blue whales seen from space - 22nd February 2002

Pollution blamed for cancer ravaging Quebecs whales - February 2002

Giving whales and dolphins 'the bends' - 17 December  2001

New Times' special project ~ Deep Impact - "Shades of Gray" a series of articles about the gray whale - 2001

Noisy neighbourhood changes whale song - 22 June  2000

Rescuing the RIGHT tells the story of endangered North Atlantic right whales and efforts to protect them from extinction - The Providence Journal ~ Spring & Summer 2000